Expert LGBTQ Travel Consulting

Ed Salvato is a published author, professor, public speaker and travel expert. He’s best known for helping clients in tourism and hospitality understand; authentically market to; and confidently serve the lucrative LGBTQ travel segment. (To engage Ed as a speaker at your next conference or meeting, visit this page.)

Ed hosting the LGBTQ stage at ITB in Berlin

I’m Ed Salvato, a highly respected expert in LGBTQ travel. I would love to talk to you about your challenges and opportunities in the LGBTQ travel segment.

Every tourism and hospitality brand has both opportunities and challenges in the LGBTQ travel space. Who are today’s modern LGBTQ travelers? LGBTQ travelers come in all configurations and there’s a great deal of diversity within this segment. This is especially true for younger millennial and Gen Z travelers and guests. They want you to treat them respectfully; to recognize and respect their relationships; and to understand their increasing gender diversity. They may even use pronouns other than he or she. I’ve been in this business since 1998 helping tourism & hospitality brands understand and market to this evolving segment. I’m known for helping marketers and hospitality providers understand and engage with this audience in a clear, engaging manner with humor and without condescension.

What are the assumptions your executive team and customer-facing staff makes about this segment that may steer you wrong? What are the basics you need to learn to effectively market *and* ensure the safety and enjoyment of your LGBTQ guests?

Connect with me via email at so we can discuss your challenges and opportunities in the LGBTQ travel space.

Check out my book, the Handbook of LGBT Tourism and Hospitality: A Guide for Business Practice, at Columbia University Press and buy it on Amazon.

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