Coverage relating to my work as an NYU instructor

Quoted in Skift: Hospitality School 2020 Graduates Confront an Evaporated Hotel Jobs Market

Tisch Center Course Spotlight: Tourism Principles and Practices

LGBTQ Pavilion 2020 coverage

Ed Salvato, LGBTQ travel expert

What is the Future of LGBTQ Travel?

Ed Salvato, Co-author of the Handbook of LGBT Tourism & Hospitality, said that overall, LGBTQ Travelers—and especially those with dual income and no children—exhibit characteristics and behaviors in travel that are very appealing to marketers.

“For example, they are much more likely to travel in general, travel spontaneously, spend more money when they travel, travel for a longer period of time, etc. For LGBTQ travelers, the desire to go and meet others like themselves is a deep and powerful motivator. It is a need,” Salvato said.

“Psycho-graphically, LGBTQ people—especially gay men and lesbians—have been at the forefront of epidemiological and health issues for decades starting with the AIDS crisis. They understand the importance of health precautions. And they understand the benefit of those precautions. I think the statistic also reflects a trust in the public health steps that I’ve been recommending for traveling and the fact that LGBTQ people understand the importance of adhering to public health guidelines (like wearing a mask, sanitizing and maintaining social distance). LGBTQ people have been exercising many of those steps for decades,” he added. See the original article.

Why the LGBTQ Community May Be the First to Travel Again, Skift, May 27, 2020

Ed Salvato, an author and consultant for companies who want to reach LGBTQ travelers and an adjunct instructor at New York University’s tourism and hospitality school, says that the LGBTQ travel industry’s track record of providing their clients with high level, detailed information and risk assessments means there’s a high level of trust already established between small, vetted tour operators and travel agents and the community. “It’s almost like the groundwork is there for a coronavirus response,” Salvato said. “People were already doing the work with LGBTQ travel, and marketing can now say [virus preparedness and education] is another one of the things we’re folding in.” See the original article.

PCMA Magazine: 10 best practices to make LGBTQ+ attendees feel welcome

Fox40: Best places to travel to for pride

TravelPulse: This two-part article quotes us extensively and covers the topic of LGBTQ travelers in the luxury market space plus a follow-up piece on our #PrideTravel Twitter Chat in June 2019.

AARP: This piece looks at the topic of LGBTQ travel safety

My very first radio interview conducted entirely en Français on Radio Canada. Listen in here.

A story on my talk on LGBT travel safety and security in the Las Vegas Review Journal, April 2014.

Quotations by me about the importance of the gay travel segment in Destination Magazine, by the American Bus Association. Summer 2013.

Quotation by me about the blogger/social media strategy I created and executed for Atlantic City Alliance’s new $20MM campaign to lure visitors to Atlantic City in the Press of Atlantic City, July 5, 2012.

Our first mention of ManAboutWorld, on CNN.

Recent piece on my successful social media campaign I ran for PIFA.

Ed Salvato, “social media expert,” from Philadelphia Inquirer.

Jeff Guaracino wrote a piece in his monthly column in Philadelphia Gay News and mentioned my talk at the Inquirer Travel Show on Saturday, January 22, 2011.

Here’s the clip. Click on it for a larger view.

Jeff mentions me and my talk at the travel show in the last paragraph.

Jeff Guaracino and I were keynote speakers at TIAPEI’s annual tourism  conference in late November 2010 talking about gay travel. We made the front page the next day. Here’s the link to the online version of the article.

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  1. Hello Ed

    I spoke with you this evening on the Derek & Romaine Show this evening and happened to mention my husband’s 50th birthday gift to me last summer – a total surprise trip to a stunning Chateau near Caussade (near Toulouse) where we spent a week learning millinery with Queen Elizabeth’s milliner Dillon Wallwork. This was truly the gayest non-gay vacation I have ever been on. Making hats during the day, enjoying the best cuisine and wine, and joining our fellow novice milliners on visits to many of the beautiful ancient hill towns in the area, including St. Antonin Noble Val where they made Charlotte Gray with Kate Blanchett. The owner of the Chateau (the beautiful Lizzie) was the most fabulous and gracious host.


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