March 2022 A Conversation with Steve Kaufer, CEO Tripadvisor led by Ed Salvato Traffic, Trust and Travel Transformation: Tripadvisor roars into its Third Decade. Tripadvisor launched in 2000, revolutionized the way travelers found and shared travel reviews and advice, and disrupted the hospitality and tourism industry. Peer reviews took over a space previously dominated by guidebooks and travel experts, and the service expanded to encompass 48 markets and 28 languages. Over 20 years later, Tripadvisor dominates its position as a trusted source of information for an astounding 400 million global users each month, broadening its reach to include travel booking services, guided tours, vacation rentals and restaurant reservations. In conversation with Professor Ed Salvato, Founder and CEO Stephen Kaufer will discuss how Tripadvisor grew and evolved, what invaluable lessons were learned along the way, and what the future holds for him and the business.

June 2020 Ensuring Inclusion Through Policy and Beyond: BTN Group DEI SymposiumThe travel policy is the bedrock upon which corporate travel management is built. However, can the travel policy truly address the needs and challenges of ALL travelers? When does it fall short and what policies should be avoided? Finally, how can travel programs move beyond policy to support the diverse needs of your LGBTQ+ travelers through education, personalized duty of care and creating an inclusive travel program.

October 2020 WYSTC Online: Invite, Respect and Protect Younger LGBTQ Travelers
This session examines the ever-growing youth lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) segment, provides key insights into the segment and outlines smart practical strategies for keeping them safe. 

October 2020 PCMA Meeting Webinar: Choose Your Own Adventure
Co-led an engaging and interactive discussion among meeting professionals about the meetings industry in the Covid era. Here’s the video.

November 2020 Connect THRIVE Summit
The talk will be about LGBTQ marketing and LGBTQ travel safety though the final topic has not been finalized. Stay tuned!

December 2020 Can Destinations Inspire a Future Travel Renaissance By Embracing DEI And Safety Reassurance? (Webinar I organized and moderated)
Restoring trust in travel in 2021 and beyond will require engaging travelers with a laser focus on safety and DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) of historically overlooked segments. By embracing DEI and enabling travelers to have more control over their well being, we empower them resulting in a measurable positive impact on destination volumes and branding with experts from Expedia, TripAdvisor, Visit Miami and BAME Women in Travel.


March 2021 ITB Pink Pavilion
Emcee two full days of the Pink Pavilion. He will organize and conduct 1:1 interviews with John Tanzella, President/CEO at IGLTA and Rika Jean-François, Head of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Tourism at ITB Berlin.

June 2021 Bellingham Washington
Ed to deliver LGBTQ sales/marketing and hospitality sensitivity training to this DMO and its marketing partners.

June 2021 PROUD Experiences NYC
Will kick off 3-day event with a presentation to full conference on how best to engage with LGBTQ travelers, suppliers and travel professionals. I’ll also be present all day to answer questions that arise among suppliers in how best to engage in real time with LGBTQ issues during the conference and check in from the stage with iterative learnings.

January 2022 New York Times Travel Show LGBTQ+ Pavilion
Launch and oversee the 2021 version of the season’s signature kick-off event for LGBTQ travelers with exhibitors, free stuff, panels and entertainment.

Previous Appearances

January 2020 PCMA Convening Leaders San Francisco
Co-presented on making meetings more welcoming to diverse attendees.

November 2019 8th Annual SHESummit
Moderated a panel of DE&I (diversity, equity & inclusion) experts on creating inclusive spaces.

September 2019 Annual Conference on Tourism
Presented on diversity and inclusion to Puerto Rico hospitality providers.

June 2019 PROUD Experiences NYC
Presented the closing MasterClass on diversity & inclusion.

June 2019 Adventure Elevate
Moderated panel with Meg Cale and Zach Moses on Marketing to and Welcoming LGBTQ Guests for Travel Trade.

March 2019 ITB LGBT+ Travel Pavilion
Moderated all three days of conference content and organized/co-presented:
1. All Eyes on World Pride: Destinations Leveraging Big LGBT+ Events to Create Lasting Change
2. Tinkering With the Hospitality Gene: How Training focusing on LGBTQ Travelers Will Provide Better Service to All Customers
3. The Pink Crystal Ball: The Future of LGBT+ Tourism & Hospitality Marketing.

February 2019
Presented Achieving Success in the LGBTQ Market at Illinois Governor’s Annual Conference on Travel & Tourism.

March 2019 NYC & Company Annual Meeting
Moderated panel on the Future of LGBTQ Media with leading queer journalist/influencers to trade, industry and media.

December 2018 CMI’s 19th Annual LGBTQ Tourism Forum
Conducted 1:1 Q&A with Leah Chandler, CMO of Discover Puerto Rico.

November 2018 NYC & Company NYC Talks
Co-delivered HospitableMe’s Everyone Welcome to NYC & Company members.

June 2018 PROUD Experiences London
Presented MasterClass on Understanding Gender Diverse Guests at inaugural PROUD conference.

February 2018 Illinois Governor’s Annual Conference on Travel & Tourism
Presented the impact of increasing gender diversity on hospitality.

April 2018 São Paulo LGBT Chamber of Commerce
Delivered keynote on the power of the gay travel consumer and how to authentically engage with this segment.

January 2013 Atlantic City, New Jersey
Presented at the American Bus Association’s annual convention.

November 2012 Philadelphia, PA
Presented at the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University.

September 2012 San Francisco Travel Show

July 2012 Buenos Aires
Spoke at the 5th Annual Conference on LGBT Tourism and Marketing hosted by GNetwork360.

March 2012 Boston, Massachusetts
Spoke at the Discover New England Travel Summit, presenting two panels on LGBT Tourism Marketing. Download a PDF version of the presentation below:

Spoke at the following travel shows in collaboration with the International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association (IGLTA).

August 2011 Burlington, Vermont
Addressed Vermont’s Governor’s Council to advise participants on successfully targeting the LGBTQ travel segment. 

November 2010 Prince Edward Island, Canada
Addressed Prince Edward Island Governor’s Advisory Board and provincial Chamber of Commerce on forming an LGBTQ marketing plan in the face of conservative resistance.

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