EdSalvatoCalled “ the world’s leading LGBTQ global travel expert,” I’ve worked in the world of travel and tourism on just about every angle you can imagine: content development, marketing, communications, LGBTQ sensitivity and sales training, sponsorships, events and more. I’m a sought after public speaker on the subjects: Hospitality/tourism/travel marketing; PR; communications; LGBTQ travel safety; LGBTQ sensitivity & sales training; Evolving media landscape; working with journalists. Download my CV here.

I’m well known for my work as editor-in-chief since 2000 of the world’s most authoritative gay travel magazines and websites, including ManAboutWorld, OUT&ABOUT, Out Traveler, PlanetOut Travel, Advocate Travel and Gay.com Travel. I’m widely regarded both for my consumer advocacy and industry leadership.

I also wrote the definitive industry book: the Handbook of LGBT Tourism & Hospitality Marketing: A Guide for Business Practice (published by Harrington Park Press and distributed by Columbia University Press in 2016).

I have worn many hats in the travel space:

  • Influential editor, journalists, blogger and on-air radio personality;
  • Proven marketing and communications consultant helping primarily mainstream hospitality and tourism marketers increase their share of the lucrative LGBT travel segment;
  • Sought after social media expert;
  • Industry leader: I served for six years on the Board of the International Gay & Lesbian Travel, the leading global organization in the LGBT tourism industry, with key committee positions in development and finance. I recently helped raise $10,000 from industry partners to benefit key IGLTA programs; and
  • Co-founder of ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine and Hospitable.Me, specializing in strategy, marketing and LGBTQ sensitivity and sales training.

My experience includes launching successful marketing, PR and social media campaigns for hotels, airlines, and destinations. We trained over 2,000 customer-facing hospitality staff (and sales executives) in LGBTQ sensitivity since 2017. Read testimonials from satisfied clients here.


I helped launch a new division of our ManAboutWorld called HospitableMeWith a deep background in consumer-facing LGBTQ travel, the Hospitable.Me team provides bespoke training for hospitality-focused businesses. We improve service for all of your customers, by helping people look beyond gender identity, sexual orientation and relationship status to focus on individual customers, their needs and preferences. I no longer work full time with HospitableMe but I am frequently contracted to deliver their training.

Adjunct Instructor New York University

I’ve been appointed adjunct instructor at New York University’s Jonathan M. Tisch Center of Hospitality and have been teaching a variety of classes there since 2019.

Chief Content Officer

I was chief content officer of ManAboutWorld, the world’s first gay travel magazine built exclusively for mobile devices. I was editor in chief for five years of Out & About, the world’s foremost authority on gay travel during its tenure from 1992 through 2004. I was editor in chief of The Out Traveler for four years, a glossy, smart and indispensable quarterly travel magazine, considered the gay Condé Nast Traveler. I was the editor in chief of The Out Traveler guidebooks, a series of five print-based gay-oriented travel guides.

Other Digital Platforms

As editor editor in chief of Out & About, I was part of a team that launched OutandAbout.com in 1997, a very early website delivering travel guides in PDF format to individuals directly via the website, which was profitable from the day it launched thanks to the robust sales of these travel guides, later delivered in HTML format. In addition, I was in charge of the following travel websites: PlanetOut.com/travel, Gay.com/Travel, OutTraveler.com, GPS.OutTraveler.com (our travel blog) and worked closely with the editors to populate Advocate.com/travel and Out.com/travel with appropriate content.

Video, TV, Radio, Travel Shows

Working closely with members of the here! Media production team, I’ve written scripts for and provided voice over for approximately 50 travel-related videos. I have been the travel expert on a wide range of radio shows, Radio with a Twist (national show), Proud FM (Toronto), WFNX One-in-Ten (Boston) and Sirius/XM OutQ. I’ve been featured on several television shows, including In the Life (a segment on gay New York), Deco Drive (a segment on Ft. Lauderdale).

I was the the on-air travel expert on the Derek & Romaine show on Sirius/XM OutQ 109 from 2002 to 2013.

I was Proud FM’s travel expert on the monthly Travel Tuesday show for 5 years. Find the podcasts here.

Click here to listen to me talking travel with Josh and Sara from here! TV.

As a gay travel expert, I speak frequently including at the New York Times Travel Show, The Boston Globe Travel Expo, The Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Expo, LA Times Travel Show, One World Travel Mart in San Francisco, and other events and shows.

Social Media

I’ve been working with social media since the beginning. My biggest social media activation currently is a semi-annual Twitter Chat on LGBTQ travel safety that I organize in partnership with the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Consular Affairs. It’s the largest such activation they promote and it regular generates more than 40 million impressions and reaches over 4 million accounts.

Former Board Member, IGLTA & IGLTA Foundation

The International Gay & Lesbian Travel Association, the leading global organization dedicated to connecting businesses in the LGBT tourism industry. has over 2,000 member organizations (with over 2,000 individual members) in an astonishing 83 countries worldwide. As an elected member of the Board, I am the current Treasurer and belong to the Development, Election and Finance committees. I also work closely with the IGLTA staff on matters relating to our new consumer initiatives. I was appointed to the Board of Directors of the IGLTA Foundation and worked with them to identify worthy LGBT-travel related beneficiaries of the endowment dedicated to that.


Top 5 highlights from Ed Salvato’s editorial career

  • With Billy Kolber, Ed launched ManAboutWorld in 2012, the world’s first gay travel magazine for iPad only.
  • Ed was editor in chief of The Out Traveler, the world’s largest magazine catering to gays and lesbians, with 220,000 subscribers.
  • Ed was editorial director for all travel media at PlanetOut Inc and Regent Media, including The Out Traveler, OutTraveler.com, GPS.OutTraveler.com, Advocate Magazine, Advocate.com/travel, Gay.com/travel, PlanetOut.com/travel, and Alyson Books’ series of Out Traveler Travel Guides (printed books); and he was travel editor for Out Magazine and a contributing editor at Out.com/travel.
  • Ed was editor in chief of OUT & ABOUT and OutandAbout.com which was published from 1992 to 2003. OUT & ABOUT was considered THE standard of gay travel and was the leading voice of gay travel for most of its long life. Ed helped write, edit and update over 150 travel guides which were delivered for a fee from the website OutandAbout.com.
  • Ed has a regular on-air, call-in radio spot on Sirius OutQ on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio with Derek and Romaine.
  • Ed speaks frequently about travel, editorial, and especially gay travel at mainstream and gay travel related events around the world.

Contact me

(917) 846-7177 ♦ Email me at ed@edsalvato.com

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