Miami Creates First LGBT Visitor and Local Center

The country’s first gay Chamber-sponsored LGBT Visitor Center

On your next visit to gay-popular Miami, escape the sun and grab some rainbow-hued shade at the brand-spanking new LGBT Visitor Center, housed in Old City Hall at 1130 Washington Ave in the heart of the gayest stretch of South Beach. The center is scheduled to open on April 15.

“It will become a place of community, information, resources and business networking for the 1.2 million gay and lesbian travelers who visit Miami-Dade County each year, as well as for the estimated 183,000 LGBT residents who call Miami and Miami Beach home,” said Steve Adkins, president of the 600-member strong Miami-Dade Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (MDGLCC).

According to their press release, in addition to offices for the MDGLCC staff and volunteers, the 2,500 square-foot space on the first floor of Old City Hall will house a conference room that MDGLCC members, community groups and other non-profits can use for meetings or presentations; a computer lab where visitors can check e-mails; a resource center where visitors and locals can collect information on MDGLCC member companies, LGBT and LGBT-friendly organizations and businesses; and a lounge where people can simply hang out and meet new friends or take a break from the non-stop Miami Beach action.

Published by edsalvato

Educator, marketing, communications and travel safety expert; LGBTQ Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show; public speaker; expert panel organizer and moderator

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