Black & Blue and “Raide” All Over

Courtesy of Bad Boy Club of Montreal (BBCM), organizers of Black & Blue

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Black & Blue celebrates its 20th anniversary this October starting today and going through October 12, 2010. Raide means stiff or hard in French. You can translate the double-entendre in the title of this posting however you wish. But you may very well be stiff as a board after a night of dancing.

What started two decades ago (1991) as a simple fund-raising dance party for HIV/AIDS-related causes has morphed into a week-long event with all sorts of activities, but the signature event takes place on Sunday (10/10/10) Black & Blue 20, one of the greatest dance parties on earth. It’s just packed with gorgeous people (gay, straight, male, female, younger, and older) from the world over. The entertainment will blow your socks off. (Montreal is known for it’s extraordinary drag performers, dancers, and detail to mind-blowing entertainment of all kinds.)

The cheaper tickets are sold out. Currently tickets are $95 Canadian. It is definitely worth the mere $35 Canadian upgrade to VIP, with its expedited entrance, bathroom access, and views of the party from the reserved area. As of press time the Canadian and U.S. dollars are close to parity.

Super friendly, ridiculously gay-friendly, Montreal’s official tourism bureau, Tourism Montreal, features a gay-specific blog with up-to-the-minute recommendations for what to do due north written by the delightful Daniel Baylis.

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