Saba, the “Unspoiled Queen,” Welcomes LGBT Travelers

Queen's Gardens Resort in tiny, idyllic Caribbean island of Saba.

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Not only is its nickname gay, Saba, the Unspoiled Queen, has a capital sure to tantalize some gay travelers. It’s called “The Bottom”!

This quiet Dutch-influenced Caribbean island welcomes gay travelers with a genuinely warm welcome. Long known as an excellent scuba and snorkeling spot, Saba is a volcanic rock so it lacks standard sand beaches. The good news is that it also means it lacks the boozy beach set. It’s a great spot for a romantic getaway. There are rain forest hiking trails and misty tropical forests. You’ll find a small town with shops and restaurants, but this is a destination where the choice of resort is paramount since that’s probably where you may spend most of your time.

Locals are friendly to all visitors LGBT or S. There are several prominent members of government happily living as openly gay, same-sex weddings are a cause of celebration, and the only four-star hotel is actively courting LGBT travelers.

Queen’s Gardens Resort (again, is the island naming committee completely gay or what?) is perched 700 feet about the sea, affording amazing views of this untouched island. It looks sprawling, but there are only a dozen suites — 10 of which have Jacuzzis — with each spanning an entire floor of the resort. The young Dutch owners, Hidde and Claire, a straight couple, truly make each guest feel at home (if your home is a luxurious island resort), and go the extra mile for everyone who stays there. The resort is also known for its superb cuisine.

Saba fast facts:

  • Its population is about 1,600 inhabitants;
  • Located in the unspoiled relaxing island that’s actually a state of the Netherlands;
  • It’s only 28 miles east of (and a 12-minute  flight away from St. Maarten/St. Martin); and,
  • It is reachable via direct flights from Amsterdam, Paris, New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas and Toronto.

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