Provincetown Off-season

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Most travelers know Provincetown during the height of summer, with the warm sunny months of July and August attracting the largest crowds.

The year-round population of around 3,000 Ptown souls swells to an incredible 50,000 visitors and locals a day during the busiest times from the July 4th holiday through Carnival in August. It’s so popular that it’s advisable to start planning now for Carnival 2011, August 14-19.

Ptown in the off season has numerous advantages. The weather can be gloriously warm and sunny during the day and refreshingly cool at night. (Don’t worry: most good inns have cozy fireplaces.) It’s much easier to get into the most popular restaurants. And the locals seem friendly, perhaps relaxed after the stress of high tourist season.

Here are a few events through the rest of 2010 to plan a trip around.

Oct. 29-31 [if you missed it this year, refer to this site for next year’s trip planning]
Haunted attractions (, costume competitions, parties and more designed to scare the bejezus out of you.

Nov. 24-28
Reserve at a charming fireplace guesthouse and at one of P-Town’s restaurants for a traditional Turkey dinner. Events are planned throughout the weekend.

Holly Folly
Dec. 3-5.
The town sparkles beneath copious strands of Christmas lights, while fireplaces blaze and stores and galleries offer unique items just in time for your final holiday shopping.

New Year’s Eve
Dec. 30-Jan. 1, 2011
New Year’s is one of the most popular times to visit Provincetown apart from the peak season in July and August. Make your reservations (lodging and dining) early.

As usual, one of favorite ways to get there is by flying on JetBlue and CapeAir.

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