Copenhagen’s Hotel D’Angletere

GPS DAngleterre

By Jeffrey James Keyes; above from the Hotel D’Angleterre; originally published in

Hotel D’Angleterre, like Copenhagen does everything better.

Denmark‘s leading five-star hotel rises above the stunning King’s Square like an empress on her throne. With over 250 years of decadent history, this knockout is the personification of elegance and antiquity.

In a city where it’s easy to kick up your heels and feel as though you are a kid again it’s ideal to rest your head in an accommodation that spoils you like an adult, and a very extravagant one at that. The Hotel is the result of Jean Marchal and Maria Coppy’s passion for taking good care of the privileged in the middle 1700’s. In 2011, some things haven’t changed. Be sure to book ahead and ask for a Suite that overlooks King’s Square.Imagine waking up each morning as if you were on the set of an extravagant Vanity Fair photo shoot, only without Annie Leibovitz and better tea. Enjoy the view off your terrace, and try to catch a glimpse at who is reading the paper next door in the Royal Suite. If their name is on the tip of your tongue, you might be able to find it on the Wall of Fame in the lobby. Everyone from Grace Kelly to Kylie Minogue has stayed at the D’Angleterre. Outside, and just around the corner, the vibrant Copenhagen fans out like a force of nature.

Catch a glimpse of the Little Mermaid sculpture before skipping over to the Tivoli Gardens, the obvious inspiration for Walt Disneyworld. Enjoy an exquisite Danish and French dinner at the famous Divan 2 Restaurant before joining the crowds of cute boys at Oscar bar café. If you feel like bar hopping before heading home, don’t miss the crowded Masken, Jailhouse, and Centralhjornet. It’s okay if you decide to stay out late; the D’Angleterre automatically makes you feel as though you’ve had a full night’s rest.

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