Suite Dreams: Conmigo, Contigo, Condado

SJM_Pool - aerial
Story by Sean Timberlake; originally published in

Close your eyes. Imagine the roar of surf on the beach beneath your window. Feel the kiss of warm ocean breeze on your skin. Taste the crystals of salt from the mist on your lips.

Open your eyes. Look outside. Yeah. Not Fantasy Island, is it?

That tropical paradise, that ideal beach is at your fingertips, and you don’t even have to hunt down that pesky passport. Get thee to San Juan, Puerto Rico, stat. Book yourself a room at the San Juan Marriott Resort in Condado. And make sure it’s on the ocean side, natch.

From the moment you arrive, you’ll feel the warmth, and we don’t just mean the warmth of the Caribbean sun. The Marriott’s staff is unfailingly friendly and engaging. In fact, a big part of the joy of staying here is watching the staff interact with each other. The new shift is greeted with hugs and kisses. It feels like you’re staying with family. Someone else’s family, anyway.

So settle in. Let the Ricky Martin lookalike set up your beach chairs to your liking. Enjoy a refreshing rum punch. Hear the crashing waves. Feel the breeze caress your skin. Stop imagining.

Published by edsalvato

Educator, marketing, communications and travel safety expert; LGBTQ Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show; public speaker; expert panel organizer and moderator

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