It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s a Hot Guy Without a lot of Clothes on!

By Dennis Hensley

If you’re a fan of the circus arts or just enjoy looking at Spandex-clad beautiful bodies that can do amazing things, then the Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts is the place to be.

The three-week French-themed festival is already underway and along with the musicians and artists of every stripe, high-flying acrobats and aerialists are playing a major role. This weekend on the rooftop Hamilton Garden at the spectacular Kimmel Center, the Philadelphia School of the Circus Arts will present a variety show of comedy, juggling and acrobatics entitled The Green Fairy Cabaret. Daytime shows are family-friendly, while the nighttime show “has its own rewards,” according to the brochure. We can only hope that means nudity.Another don’t-miss PIFA event featuring derring-do will take place at the closing weekend’s six-block Street Fair on April 30. After delighting the crowd on the ground, performers from the acclaimed French theatrical troupe La Compagnie Transe Express will come together to form a chorus of bell ringers and then be lifted high into the sky on a massive chandelier. It’s sure to be spectacular and if some poor bell ringer should happen to fall and make the 6 o-clock news, well, you can say you were there to witness it.

If all that aerial action makes you want to run off and join the circus, you’re in luck. The Philadelphia School of Circus Arts is offering daily trapeze lessons for anyone over 6 years-old brave enough to give it a try. Learn more about all these events at (Supported by PIFA). Follow FIFA at

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