Tour of the Week: Dive Egypt with Undersea Expeditions

RedSeaDiver For lesbian and gay men who love to dive (and we know who you are!), did you know there is a truly great tour operator that caters to your needs?

Undersea Expeditions has been leading groups of gay women and men to exotic locales and safely guided them to some of the world’s most envy-inducing dive spots.

For truly adventurous gay and lesbian travelers, Undersea Expeditions is moving forward with their Egypt land tour and Nile Cruise and Red Sea live aboard dive cruise June 18-July 2.

A post-revolution tour of Egypt is not for everyone, but scuba divers are an adventurous bunch, and out of a sold-out tour of 25 gay and lesbian divers prior to 25 January only two participants canceled.

The others see this as an opportunity to visit the Pyramids and other amazing sights of Egypt such as the Temple of Karnak with only handfuls of tourists rather than throngs. Most American divers have waited their entire life to experience the wonders of the Red Sea and many regret post-9/11 fear keeping them away for so long and want to travel to Egypt if it’s safe to do so.

While the overall situation for local gay men was difficult under Mubarak and improvement remains a hope, the Egyptian men they’ve met on their last two tours don’t want American travelers to stay away; as foreign travelers they’ve experienced no harassment.

They’ve taken lots of precautions to ensure the comfort and safety of the group, and the State Department acknowledges the improving post-Revolution security situation as well as the continued calm along the Red Sea in their latest travel advisory:

Underseas Expeditions doesn’t offer last-minute special pricing, only early-booking specials; however, as a thank-you to those travelers who braved it out through an uncertain situation, they’ve upgraded the group to Pyramid-view rooms at the fabulous Mena House hotel in Giza.

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