Provincetown Takes Halloween Very Seriously

Provincetown, Massachusetts is mad about Halloween.

The town and its businesses have organized a lengthy list of events from Spooky Yoga and Witches Brew Ball to a Masquerade to a Spooky Bear Rocky Horror Screening throughout the weekend. For a complete list of events, visit: The big night will be Saturday when ghouls, goblins and 7-foot Chers invade town. Watch out for spontaneous flash mobs all over town. Be sure to bring your camera.

Need a last-minute costume idea? Fret not! Lots of stores offer everything you’ll need for that horny sailor look or bedraggled drag queen ensemble you’re envisioning. lists at least two Halloween headquarters near town center: Klymax and House of La Rue at 207 and 244 Commercial, respectively.

Just how seriously do they take it? Your intrepid reporter will grab his pen and pad and spend the weekend in Ptown researching the

White Porch happy hour

scary goings on. Stay tuned for an update.

This reporter’s headquarters will be the White Porch Inn, a luxurious gay-owned inn just east of town center that I’ve visited but never stayed in.

To the right are a few happy guests enjoying complimentary happy hour this past summer at the White Porch.


Ptown Halloween info:

White Porch:

UPDATE: Here’s a recommended pub crawl from an ‘in the know’ Provincetown local:
Tea dance will be open, then Harbor Lounge, Shipwreck (at the Brass Key), Porch Bar and A-house.

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