“Awesome Blog Award”? Me? It’s an Honor!

In early May, I received the “Awesome Blog Content” award from my friend and ManAboutWorld correspondent (more about that in a moment), Ivan Quintanilla, founder and editor of the terrific gay-travel-oriented TravelingIQ.

This award is a grass-roots, self-sustaining initiative allowing bloggers and others toiling in social media to recognize one another’s efforts. A sort of social-media-content daisy-chain of congratulations! I’m honored and I thank Ivan, since I love  (and subscribe to) his blog.

When accepting this award, the rules dictate that I describe myself or my blog using every letter of the alphabet and pass on the award to six fellow bloggers. So here goes:

Active, Bostonian, City-oriented, Dextrous, Effective, Francophone, Gay-friendly, Hustler (mind out of gutter!), Influencer, Jocular, Kinetic, Laughing, Mellow-Not!, Open-minded, Portuguese-learning, Queer, Respectful, Spinner, Tastemaker, Unaffected, Vain, Xcstatic to almost be finished this list, Youthful, Zestful

Now the most challenging part of this initiative because I have so many deserving colleagues: I offer you six really great people to whom I pass this award and the challenge of creating an alphabetic list of self-descriptions.

LeylaFarah: Social media guru, tech nerd, fabulous woman and great friend. Follow her Tweets for surprising and informative updates.

Michael Kretchmar: New to social media but burning through the Twittersphere with an intriguing and diverse array of updates.

Dennis Hensley: Actor, travel writer, published author, podcaster, entertainer and staff writer for Joan River.

Jeff Guaracino: Tourism marketing/communications genius, published author, newspaper columnist, blogger, Tweeter.

Jennifer Auer: Family blogger, Tweeter, social media expert, content creator.

Kim Orlando: Founder and director of TravelingMom.com, a “survival guide for moms who travel.”  She is highly respected in the mom/family travel blogging world.

Congrats to the six of you! Please pass on this award to six deserving recipients.

Now, back to ManAboutWorld. I’m working with Billy Kolber to launch a new gay travel magazine, the only one built exclusively for the iPad. Please sign up here to receive the inaugural issue free: http://manaboutworld.com. It’s expected to launch this summer.


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Educator, marketing, communications and travel safety expert; LGBTQ Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show; public speaker; expert panel organizer and moderator

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