Boston Update: Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square


The lobby
The lobby

Hotel Commonwealth, a super-friendly boutique hotel in a bustling neighborhood in Boston, has been hiding in plain sight for a decade. With a recent renovation, it is high time that gay visitors gave it a second look. The hotel is rather elegant from outside and inside. The entrance leads upstairs (it’s a tad confusing but you’ll get used to it pretty quickly) to an inviting lounge with big comfy chairs and the incredibly friendly reception area. Well trained, the front desk staff are quick, efficient and fonts of local knowledge.

The hotel is in Kenmore Square with a Green Line subway station right under the building; a major (and beautifully designed) bus station across the street; and a major Hubway (bike share) station also across the street that always had bikes available during a recent weekend visit. This system is inexpensive ($6 per day) and tourist friendly. The hotel is near Boston University so expect a young, vibrant neighborhood with great places to eat (many very budget focused). The only drawback to this neighborhood would be during a Red Sox game. With Fenway Park just behind the hotel, the crowds may be rather difficult to navigate when a game lets out.

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