Are You A Travel Top Or Travel Bottom? Take Our Quiz!


By Jeff Guaracino, ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent

When it comes to planning, buying, and taking that next trip, are you a travel top or a travel bottom? Do you feel like a travel agent for all of your friends or are you the one that replaced your professional travel agent with your own personal travel expert? Are you the travel guru or do you just want to know where and when to show up?

Take this yes or no 10-question quiz. Here is how it works. You get one point for each yes . You must answer yes or no. Count up your points and then find out your travel personality.

  1. You are the one who regularly makes suggestions of where to go next?
  2. You know your airline loyalty username and password?
  3. You consult before selecting your airline seat?
  4. You did the math and realized that the $450 annual fee on an American Express Platinum Card is actually a great value because it gets you access to airport lounges via Priority Access and reimbursement for select travel expenses by the airlines?
  5. You exchange money at the airport instead of your bank with better rates before your trip.
  6. You choose your hotel based upon the in-room, complimentary personal care products.
  7. When booking multiple hotel rooms for several nights for you and your friends, you call the hotel directly to talk to the sales department instead of booking online?
  8. To get a great deal, you are ok with not knowing your hotel name before buying it online at discount online travel sites like
  9. You make at least five trips per year to different cities and spend multiple nights in a hotel?
  10. You use to organize your travel documents all in one place and accessible on your smart phone during travel?


If you have 8-10 points, you are a travel top. You know how to work the system baby. If you have 5-8 points, you are travel verse. It probably depends on the person you are traveling with. You can do it if you had to but why not let someone else take the lead?  If you 2-4 points, well you are a travel bottom. That’s great. Someone is making sure you are having a good time. If you scored just 1 point, well you need to start taking some more control of your travel time and budget. You are missing out on a lot of savvy travel benefits.

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Jeff Guaracino is the author of Gay and Lesbian Tourism: The Essential Guide for Marketing.\


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Educator, marketing, communications and travel safety expert; LGBTQ Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show; public speaker; expert panel organizer and moderator

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