Worth Traveling For? Heathers, The Musical

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ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Rich Martino is also a man about town in New York, taking in plays and shows and reporting on them for us occasionally. Is a show worth traveling for? Rich sounds off on Heathers the Musical.

Fans of the late eighties dark comedy film will not be disappointed with this witty and camp musical reimagining. The book is loyal to the movie’s plotline about three mean girls all named Heather that agree to admit an outsider to their popular high school clique, a decision that triggers hilarious, and ultimately murderous, consequences. The play even manages to address some serious issues, which hit home a little more now than when the movie came out, considering the last couple decades of school violence. But the emphasis is still on fun, with the best lines and scenes from the movie incorporated either into the dialogue (“What’s your damage, Heather?”) or as lyrics in the over-the-top songs, such as (You Make My Balls) “Blue”, and (I love) “My Dead Gay Son”. Oh, and if you like a little eye candy to help make the ticket price worthwhile, there’s two hunky actors in underwear for much of the play to seal the deal.

Worth traveling for? If you liked Heather’s, the movie, you’ll love this.

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