#DailyDose, part 2: NYC Pride

nycSo many prides so little time. Earlier today we posted about World Pride Toronto. Post and photo submitted by ManAboutWorld Correspondent James Adelman.

New York City Pride (or as we like to call it, Gay New Year!) officially launched last night at BPM Nightclub at 516 West 42nd Street.  With so many parties to choose from this weekend, our advice is to pick one event each day and stick it out.  Club jumping through New York City during Gay Pride weekend can be both exhausting and expensive.  Friday night alone, there were at least three massive parties from which to choose: Room Service America in in the Flatiron neighborhood, PAPA near Columbus Circle, and Click, the “Official” NYC Pride event, at BPM Nightclub in Hell’s Kitchen.  With the lights of Times Square and Broadway in distance, BPM was calling our names and did not disappoint.

When only half-filled, BPM can lack energy, but this massive venue really shines during Pride when it’s packed with an international crowd of shirtless muscle boys.  We have always been impressed with BPM’s huge dance floor, pulsating lights, and, of course, its gorgeous bathroom (always a scene!).  This venue is custom made for large crowds of sweaty men getting down to EDM so this weekend really is the best time to check it out.  

If you are visiting New York City from out of town, there are few better places to make new friends than in the chatty “smoking section” that pours out of the club onto 42nd Street.  If you need to cool off after dancing, cruise down 9th Avenue between 42nd and 57th street.  This part of Hell’s Kitchen is quintessential New York, lined with restaurants, pizzerias, corner bodegas, and many of the city’s most popular gay watering holes.  Happy Pride!  

Download the guide for free here but hurry! This special only lasts till Monday.

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