Pride Takes Over Prague — Virtually, Too!


The 4th annual Prague Pride kicked off yesterday and will be taking over the storybook city all week with more than 117 gay-themed events, concluding on Sunday, August 17th with the parade itself. The biggest side event of this year’s festival is the performance of Pet Shop Boys, on August 13th at Forum Karlin.The Prague Pride opening ceremony at Containall will be kicked off by the New York band Betty, best known from “The L Word.”

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 9.57.53 AM
This year the organizers of Prague Pride have decided to invite gays and lesbians from eastern countries where the local regime and conservatism doesn’t respect their rights,” said spokesperson Willem van der Bas. “People from the East can go to to find an Avatar to represent them at the Parade.”

Czeslaw Walek, head of Prague Pride, told us Moscow pride has been prohibited until 2112, while Kiev Pride could not take place last year and Budapest Pride hda to be contained to closed streets due to riots and attacks.

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