Editor’s Choice: A Gay-Owned Munich Hotel For Oktoberfest

munich copyCome September 20, Munich will be abuzz with its epic, world-renowned Oktoberfest, and attendees would be wise to heed our advice and book a room at the Deutsche Eich, a Münchner staple since 1864 and a 2014 ManAboutWorld Editor’s Choice award recipient, this is the city’s sole gay-owned hotel. Forward-thinking film director Rainer Fassbinder was a regular here during the 1970s, as was Queen’s Freddie Mercury. Partners Dietmar Holzapfel and Sepp Sattler purchased the property in 1993 and have since refurbished it to its modern, convivial, reasonably priced state. Juxtaposed to the fact that Germany’s largest bathhouse is located in the rear of the grounds, straight couples and families are welcome. This is also one of the only hotels in Munich that boasts a rooftop terrace, and the proximity to both the Altstadt (Old Town) and Glockenbachviertel means you can have your schnitzel and eat it too.

The event itself runs for 16-days, concluding on October 5. We covered Munich in our 2013 July/August summer issue that you can download here.

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