Parting Shots: ManAboutWorld Cruiser Shares His Photos and Stories

A hot couple on an Atlantis cruise as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine
A very hot couple on an Atlantis Caribbean cruise

This month’s Parting Shots come to us from ManAboutWorld reader, Bart Foster, a full time real estate agent with Keller Williams in Boston. Bart’s also a passionate amateur photographer who loves cruises. He shared his photos and impressions from an Atlantis Caribbean cruise he took in March 2014. before his first cruise.

Why do you love to cruise?
What other venue can you go to and find your shy (ish) partner “fresh on the boat” posing with strangers for a photo (below)? Had to be his cute hat. Everybody comes for a good time. You unpack only once, no need to hunt for a place to eat, different nightly parties like the White Party , T-Dances (Dog Tag Military)  (Under the Rainbow) (70-80’s Disco), Pools and hot tubs, excursions with hot guys, and smiles. And if you know who to talk you, maybe a not so private breakfast with the 2nd in command.

My shy boyfriend and his new friend pose for a photo.

My shy boyfriend and his new friend pose for a photo

How far in advance do you plan your cruises?
This is a great question. I’m self employed Realtor in Boston with Keller Williams; the first thing my business coach has me/us put in our calendar each year is to block out vacation times…. so I now plan 6-12 months prior. The cruise prices don’t change, but availability does. The habitual cruisers have plans years ahead.

Who do you travel with?
My partner and I have taken two cruises and not yet traveled with a group. Be as a single, a couple,or in a group, its all good. But warning to couples: Be comfortable with your relationship. This is a flirters heaven (self included).If there is one jealous or possessive bone between the two things could go wrong real fast. Communication is key as well as taking about the “what if’s” …… (fill in the blank) What happens on the Boat stays on the boat.

What has surprised you about gay cruises?
That they are not the Floating Bath House once rumored… not that one can’t be a total slut if it were their intention. Just don’t go expecting to get laid.  Seriously speaking, it’s the amazing diversity of the the ravers.The Bear Friends, twinksSeriously Cute, Chubby chasers, Hot Dads and Boys, the oh so in “in” crowd. There were Elders (Roberto), some even with mobility issues (and one gent that who you could not help from noticing and yet want to keep an eye on to ensure he was having a good time). In short, the cruisers came reflected all folks, just gay.


Atlantis cruise excursion as seen in ManABoutWorld gay travel magazine
Atlantis cruise excursion


Atlantis cruise passenger as seen in ManABoutWorld gay travel magazine
Atlantis cruise passenger
Atlantis cruise passengers enjoying the White Party as seen in ManABoutWorld gay travel magazine
White Party on an Atlantis cruise


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