“6 of 1” — Life, Death and Chicken Dancing With the Ewe Tribe

Matt in Africa
Matt in Africa

Acclaimed gay travel writer Matthew Link  and a charming local named James find themselves at a trio of funerals in Accra, Ghana in the short e-book Offensive Optimism, as Matt learns about life, death and how to perfect the famous chicken dance of the Ewe tribe.

Matt has written and contributed to numerous travel books, including Rainbow Handbook Hawaii and Looking for Love in Faraway Places; Tales of Gay Men’s Romance Overseas. He has written for TIME, Newsweek, MSNBC, Travel + Leisure, Conde Nast, The Los Angeles Times, Men’s Health, and Orbitz, among many others. Matt was also the founding Editor in Chief and Editorial Director of The Out Traveler magazine, the world’s largest gay publication at the time, published by The Advocate and OUT. He’s also contributed to ManAboutWorld.

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Travel 6 of 1

Available as individual, standalone books or as an anthology, this series contains stories that stretch right from the moment Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 4.09.11 PMof birth to the sometimes surprisingly colorful business of death. There are tales of arrivals and departures, beginnings and endings, ships that have sailed and ships that have come in. There are stories of festivities perched on the brink of a war zone, on the brim of the Mediterranean and on the banks of the Mississippi. Our authors have contributed tales of Accra, Ghana; Valencia, Spain; Memphis, Tennessee; Damascus, Syria; plus a mixtape of port calls and cruise jobs from Hong Kong to Alaska through the Panama Canal and on to the Caribbean; and a journey that perhaps travels further than any of the others, yet doesn’t leave Boston, Massachusetts. These accounts come from both established travel writers with an incredible way with words and from exciting new voices that you’ll be hearing much, more from.

About P+H:

P+H Books are based in Glasgow, Scotland and Toronto, Canada. We specialize in non-fiction, particularly travel, memoir, biography and humor, for adults and children.

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Matthew Link, P+H author, gay travel magazine ManAboutWorld


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