We’re Going To Taiwan LGBT Pride

Taiwan Pride in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine
Taiwan Pride

The city of Taipei, Taiwan has the largest LGBT pride celebration in Asia. It’s scheduled for next Saturday, October 31. ManAboutWorld has been invited to experience the festival and also see other parts of this very interesting country that is not (yet) popular among US gay travelers. We’ve heard a lot about it already and our Taiwan-born global correspondent Allister Chang wrote about this up-and-coming gay destination for us in November 2012.

We’ve already been promised the world’s best pineapple cake, bubble tea, and foot massages! What else is in store? Visit back here next week and find out. Also be sure to check out our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter accounts for more regular updates. (We will use the hashtag #Taiwan.)

Here’s a map so you know where we are going. China is west of Taiwan; Korea and Japan to the north/northeast; and Philippines to the south.

Map showing Taiwan (the island, center) in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine
Map showing Taiwan (the island, center)

GET MANABOUTWORLD: We last covered Taipei in November 2012. But check back here for when we’ll include it in our magazine again (probably spring 2016). And be sure to check out our digital gay travel magazine for savvy gay travelers by downloading the ManAboutWorld App on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. We support iPads, iPhones and Android devices. There are a few FREE publications in all of the apps and you can click here to register for a FREE three-month subscription. Go on, what are you waiting for!

Images: Carrie Kellenberger via Flickr. Map: Courtesy Google Maps.


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