San Telmo, Buenos Aires

San Telmo street performers  in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine Buenos Aires update
Musicians, San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Our correspondent Michael Siebert (right) was in Argentina. Here’s the 2nd of 3 updates which looks at the Bohemian San Telmo, Buenos Aires. (Check out part 1 gay Buenos Aires update.)

As a man of extremes I enjoy having a varied experience during my travels.  If this is you too, I suggest a visit to San Telmo and get a little lost, but find this place:  Calle Carlos Calvo 471 and order a “choripan” with a red wine.  The place has no name and is only open on Wednesday and the weekends.

ManAboutWorld correspondent Michael Siebert visited gay Buenos Aires, Argentina

Michael Siebert

It will be packed with locals and just sit on the street bench and watch the parade of interesting people.  Don’t be surprised when your red wine is poured from a used 2-liter bottle and into a glass (high class here only).  It does taste good and is just part of the vibe.  There is a funky market around the corner from Calle Carlos Calvo 471 that is worth a peek.  After getting lost in San Telmo, head east to the Puerto Madero and walk north.  Eventually, you will see the Faena Hotel on your right (definitely visit if you have never been).  Eventually, make your way toPalacio Duhau and relax in their bar and enjoy a whisky or two.  This walk will show you two very different worlds in Buenos Aires.  You will love it.

One last comment for my leather queens.  If you want to outshine all the other men at the next party in NYC or Chicago, upon arrival to Buenos Aires, you better visit Jorge, at La Casa de Las Botas, located at Paraquay 5062, for you next pair of custom made leather boots.  Place your order on day one of your trip and your boots should be ready a week later (in low season).  He has generous hours and the boots will set you back about 400 USD (after you convert that in pesos on the blue market); otherwise, you are looking at 600 USD.  You will not be disappointed and they are sexy and “lindo” (beautiful) as hell.

NOTE:  If you do not know about the blue peso market, make sure you read this: Blue Peso Information. Before you visit and bring lots of USD. You may find it difficult to extract money from local ATMs; furthermore, if it wise to know about  Xoom allows for you to wire money to yourself from the USA to Buenos Aires in case  you have trouble with ATMs.  Xoom does require that you have a US-based bank account.  This does not work for any other countries at the moment.

Photo top: Pablo Dodda via Flickr

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