ManAboutWorld’s Guide to Weddings, Honeymoons + Celebration Travel (FREE!)

ManAboutWorld's ultimate free guide to weddings, honeymoons and celebration travel

It started with the destination wedding. As our families — both by blood and more modern definitions — live increasingly spread-out lives, the idea of bringing people together somewhere other than our hometowns becomes increasingly attractive and practical. As long as people are getting on a plane, why not make it somewhere exciting and different? For those of us in expensive places like New York and London, exotic can also end up being less expensive.

The trend quickly extended to other celebrations, and at ManAboutWorld, we can think of no better way to celebrate a wedding, birthday, anniversary or any personal or professional milestone than gathering a group of friends and/or family for a special travel experience.

Cheers and a clink of some bubbly for ManAboutWorld’s free Ultimate Guide to Weddings, Honeymoons + Celebration Travel. Just download the free ManAboutWorld app and check your library of issues for this guide. Tap on it and start planning your next celebration travel experience. You need an iPhone, iPad or Android device to view the guide.



Here’s are some of the topics covered in the guide:

Deciding on an experience/style
Timing your trip
Finding and working with an expert
Planning your budget
Choosing a destination
Managing a guest list
Communicating excitement
Social media strategies
Planning a ceremony
All the little details
Packing for your trip
Preparing for your departure
Enjoying the moment
Managing group dynamics
Embracing the unexpected
Easing your return
Sharing your memories

From our personal experience doing this — a 40th birthday in South Africa, a 50th birthday in Merida, an anniversary trip ManAboutWorld's ultimate free guide to weddings, honeymoons and celebration travelon a yacht in Greece — we know that the celebration trip can be exceptionally rewarding. But the planning and execution involves lots of decisions and details that can quickly derail the good times. We turned to some of our Global Correspondents and other experts who specialize in group travel to help us sort through the process, and help you plan your own memories-of-a-lifetime trip.

They are available to help you plan your own milestone travel experience — you’ll find their bios and contact information in the last section of the guide. There are special considerations when the destination celebration you’re planning involves a wedding. Where appropriate we’ve highlighted those considerations throughout this section of the guide.


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