Thailand Twitter Chat Nov 1, 1pm via #ThaiGayTravel

Join us on Tuesday, November 1 at 1pm for a Thailand Twitter Chat via #ThaiGayTravelJoin us on Tuesday, November 1 at 1pm for a Thailand Twitter Chat via #ThaiGayTravel. This is the perfect time to book travel to Thailand. The “Land of Smiles” is an extraordinary country with truly hospitable people, beautiful places to discover, fantastic lodging and that amazing food. The U.S. dollar is very strong so there really hasn’t been a better time to explore.

ManAboutWorld wrote the ultimate guide to Thailand available for free here(emailed required). The  most expensive aspect of  a trip to Thailand may be the airfare, especially from U.S. destinations. It’s pretty far too so you want to go in comfort. Cash in those air miles using ManAboutWorld’s expert guidance on using miles for travel to the Land of Smiles.

In our free guide we include a list of the world’s top gay travel experts who book travel to Thailand. They can save you time and money. Here are two: Dane Steele and Paul Bachant, with several more included in the guide.

Join us on Tuesday,  November 1 at 1pm ET via #ThaiGayTravel!

Published by edsalvato

LGBTQ marketing, communications and travel safety expert; CEO of the LGBTQ Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show; educator; public speaker; expert panel organizer and moderator

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