"The Great Empty" — A Virtual Tour of Beautiful Spaces in the Coronavirus Era

Paris, March 18 from the NY TImes

New York is very quiet. As are Paris, London and other great cities

Most of us are stuck at home self isolating in this time of fear and uncertainty with a possibly deadly virus lurking everywhere we breathe and on every surface we touch. For those of us who travel for a living, it’s been not only a devastating blow to our incomes but a whack at the core of who we are as curious wanderers. But at least this article from the March 23 New York Times, The Great Empty allows us to view some of our favorite spots around the world like we rarely get to see them: quiet and still. They’re also waiting for us to come back. They’ll be patient. So we have to as well. We’ll get back there soon.

For now, enjoy this gorgeous photo journey. I’ve included one of their photos above and one of mine below during a recent (socially distant) bike ride around an empty Manhattan. The Statue of Liberty stands socially isolated with no visitors but she’s guarding us in this foggy time and will be there when New York welcomes visitors again. And that’s me on my bike riding along a very empty Fifth Avenue.

What’s your next trip?

How are you coping with this forced home isolation? And what’s the first trip you’ll take when this is over? I’m planning on heading to Paris! (Comment below!)

The fog-shrouded Statue of Liberty will be there when visitors return
Me on my socially distant bike ride on an eerily empty Fifth Ave

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