My First Quote as an NYU Professor on the Hospitality Job Prospects for 2020 Graduates (Skift)

I have my first quote from my work at NYU. It’s in this article in Skift, Hospitality School 2020 Graduates Confront an Evaporated Hotel Jobs Market.  I’ve been quoted a number of times in Skift regarding my work in the travel space in general so they know me there. I’m happy about the quote but my heart breaks for seniors graduating into this bleak environment. They’ll come out of it with amazing experience but it’s going to be a tough path ahead.

Excerpted from the Skift Piece by Cameron Sperance

Faculty members are bringing coronavirus into daily lessons to offer real-life crisis management training. Ed Salvato, a professor at NYU’s tourism and hospitality marketing graduate program, cancelled the business case study he originally planned this semester in favor of having students follow a brand and analyze their coronavirus recovery strategy.

Faculty at NYU’s graduate hospitality program have incorporate the coronavirus downturn into lessons.

“It’s not that I’m expecting students to come to class with a magic bullet for the industry, but I want to get their heads in that space,” Salvato said. “Ideally, they’re going to be at a job on a group still thinking of recovery into 2021.”

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