New York City Love Letters — Birthday Edition: Beauty That Caught My Eye

Today’s socially distant exercise bike ride — birthday edition! A bit grey and cold and yes there were a few snowflakes BUT the sun popped out along with my iPhone and I snapped a few pix. At the end I included a few from a previous walk in a nearby park. A little green to brighten up this surprisingly cool spring. 🚴‍♂️

Detail of sculptures at Hearst Building at Columbus Circle.

“There is no finer example of “old meets new” in the world of New York City architecture than the Hearst Building on Eighth Avenue and 57th Street. In 1926, William Randolph Hearst, the newspaper publisher who was the model for “Citizen Kane” commissioned Joseph Urban to design a new Manhattan headquarters for his growing media empire. Urban, best known for his set designs for the Ziegfeld Follies, approached the project as if it were an elaborate theatrical extravaganza. A six-story cast-concrete base adorned with giant fluted columns and 8 allegorical statues representing Comedy, Tragedy, Music, Art, Industry, Sport, The Sciences and Printing was completed in 1929. The plan was to add a soaring tower on top of the base, but the Depression intervened, and the additional floors were never added.”
Built in 1884 … The Dakota, also known as the Dakota Apartments, is a cooperative apartment building located on the northwest corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West in the Upper West Side of the borough of Manhattan in New York City, United States. Its construction was completed in 1884. The Dakota was the home of John Lennon, a former member of the Beatles, from 1973 until his murder in the archway of the building in 1980. 
Maine Monument honors the 260 American sailors of the USS Maine, which sank in Havana, Cuba in 1898. Atop the monument is a gilded bronze sculpture of Columbia Triumphant in a seashell chariot led by three hippocampi (half horse, half seahorse); it is said to be cast from the guns of the ill-fated ship. The sculptures at the base depict allegorical figures of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, Courage, Fortitude, War, Justice, and Peace.
I love this giant sign paying homage to nurses.
Close up of plants in the park.
Central Park
The Century is an apartment building located at Central Park West and 63rd Street in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, New York City. It was constructed in 1931 at a cost of $6.5 million and designed by the firm of Irwin S. Chanin. The Century is designed in the Art Deco style, unlike many of its neighbors, which are designed in the Beaux-Arts style.
Einstein mural by street artist Kobra in Chelsea, NYC.
A section of the Museum of Natural History, NYC
A walkway in the park.
This is from an earlier walk in my neighborhood park
Also my neighborhood park St. Nicholas Park
Plant in my neighborhood park
Beautiful old trees along Central Park West
Plant in St. Nicholas Park
Detail from the Maine monument (goes with the golden statue at the beginning of this series) at Central Park
Super tall at Columbus Circle
Super tall at Columbus Circle

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