Curacao Becomes Cura-Now!

Not everywhere in the Caribbean is gay-friendly (we’re looking at you, Jamaica!) but Dutch-owned Curacao is among the gayest of all the islands, and next month they celebrate their 2nd annual Gay Pride. From September 24-28, the small island of charming European architecture, cute boys, and 35 beaches, celebrates the LGBT lifestyle in the region.Continue reading “Curacao Becomes Cura-Now!”

Get Wet (and Gay) in Curaçao this Week

With a few noteworthy exceptions, the Caribbean is not known for being super gay friendly. The former Dutch colony and currently among the world’s youngest nations, the sun-drenched island of Curaçao has been reaching out to the LGBT travel segment for several years. One of their signature events is the Get Wet Weekend (now aContinue reading “Get Wet (and Gay) in Curaçao this Week”


By Ivan Quintanilla By signing the Marriage Equality Act on June 24, allowing same sex couples to legally marry in New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo set off a wave of celebration that reached the shores of Curacao. The Kura Hulanda Resorts, two of our favorite properties on the Caribbean island, are offering all newlyweds who presentContinue reading “DEAL OF THE WEEK: CARIBBEAN MARRIAGE SPECIAL”