Deal of the Week: LGBT Package in Waikiki, Honolulu

The Waikiki area of Honolulu is a great place to start a vacation in Hawaii. In fact, it’s the only place you can really ‘get your gay on’ in the islands, meaning it’s here you’ll find the most gay infrastructure (gay bars, tours, a beach, etc.). Marriott’s Waikiki Beach Resort and Spa has been reachingContinue reading “Deal of the Week: LGBT Package in Waikiki, Honolulu”

Deal of the Week: LGBT Romance Package in Maui

In celebration of Hawaii’s recent announcement of same sex civil unions, the Hotel Hana-Maui has introduced a romantic “His & His; Hers & Hers Hawaiian Journey for Two” getaway package designed exclusively for the LGBT community. Couples will stay in beautiful Hana at the property’s intimate Sea Ranch Cottage, which boasts scenic views of Hawaii’sContinue reading “Deal of the Week: LGBT Romance Package in Maui”

Hawaii Rolls out a Rainbow-colored Aloha

Originally published in Hawaiians boast a proud history, a line of mighty monarchs (some of whom openly had aikane or same-sex favorites), and an unshakable belief in the heartwarming concept of aloha, which signifies hello or goodbye but which also connotes love, peace, and compassion (among many other meanings). For a gay visitor weContinue reading “Hawaii Rolls out a Rainbow-colored Aloha”