May Day is Lei Day in Kauai

Yep, you read that right! May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii. But stop thinking what you’re thinking. Not that kind of lay. Sheesh. A lei is a Polynesian garland of flowers but it’s so much more than that. It symbolizes welcome, peace, love and much more (like the multifaceted word aloha). Every May 1 theContinue reading “May Day is Lei Day in Kauai”

Can’t Make It To Hawaii? Check Out How This Guy Brought Hawaii to Him

Our intrepid correspondent, Paul Heney, chimes in with another fun post about how to bring exotic locales to you when your travel aspirations and your wallet don’t match up: My hometown of Cleveland gets hammered on our weather reputation. Our winters aren’t really any worse than Chicago’s or Boston’s, but somehow we’re always the ones mentioned asContinue reading “Can’t Make It To Hawaii? Check Out How This Guy Brought Hawaii to Him”

Guess Who Included In New York Times Gay Travel Feature

I was quoted in the recent New York Times piece, “For Gay Destinations, Thinking Outside the Obvious.” ManAboutWorld was also included as a resource in the Times piece, “Finding Comfort and Safety as a Gay Traveler.” Here’s a section quoting me naming the Big Island as one of his favorite off-the-beaten track destinations: Popular with tourists, Honolulu, onContinue reading “Guess Who Included In New York Times Gay Travel Feature”

ManAboutWorld’s March Issue Ready For Download!

Aloha! ManAboutWorld’s latest issue is ready for download. Subscribers: Open your iPad, tap on ManAboutWorld, go to Library, download and enjoy. Non-subscribers may find us in the AppStore. Or click on our website to subscribe and get access to all our back issues. This is our coolest — and hottest — cover, yet. Learn why we love HawaiiContinue reading “ManAboutWorld’s March Issue Ready For Download!”

A “Descendants” Kinda Stay: Dinner For Two, a Movie and a Good Book

Gay-friendly Waikiki Beach Marriott Resort & Spa has a special kinship with Kaui Hart Hemmings, author of The Descendants, which won recognition at the 84th Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Awards in Hollywood last month. In fact, the lovely Kaui spoke to a group of LGBT travel writers who visited this hotel propertyContinue reading “A “Descendants” Kinda Stay: Dinner For Two, a Movie and a Good Book”

What Does She Say about George Clooney? Listen in!

Travel writer and frequent contributor to, Dennis Hensley interviewed Descendants author Kaui Hart Hemmings in Hawaii. With Descendants, the movie based on Hemmings’ book, released this week in New York and Los Angeles, Dennis asked the diminutive novelist about her inspiration for the story, her involvement in the shoot and whether George Clooney was destinedContinue reading “What Does She Say about George Clooney? Listen in!”

Who Wants to Get Lei’d? New Air Service NYC to Hawaii

Hawaiian Airlines announced it is launching new direct, non-stop service between Honolulu, Hawaii and New York City’s JFK Airport. The new service begins June 4, 2012. The Honolulu-bound flight will depart JFK daily at 10:00 a.m. and arrive at Honolulu International Airport at 3:00 p.m. The NYC-bound Flight 50 (“Hawaiian 5-0”) will depart Honolulu daily at 3:05Continue reading “Who Wants to Get Lei’d? New Air Service NYC to Hawaii”

Hawaii: Your Perfect Pineapple-Scented Holiday Awaits

On a recent visit to Hawaii, I toured Oahu and Maui, checked out a range of resorts, got lei’d and returned with this brief report. Click here to hear my recently recorded segment on the Aloha State with the fabulous folks at Toronto’s Proud FM with Mike Chalut and Acey Rowe: Ed Salvato on Proud FM/Hawaii

Deal of the Week: Hawaii’s Pineapple-Scented PrideFest

The second of two LGBT Pride celebrations in Hawaii (the first Honolulu Pride Parade & Celebration took place June 4, 2011), Hawaii PrideFest takes place in Honolulu September 15-17. There’s still time to book a quick trip to the Aloha State to celebrate in the land of lots of actual rainbows. Our deal of the weekContinue reading “Deal of the Week: Hawaii’s Pineapple-Scented PrideFest”


Maui is the second largest island in the state of Hawaii. After Oahu and especially Honolulu, it has the most LGBT residents, visitors and businesses. The LGBT resort the Maui Sunseeker has recently updated their website and included specials and deals, which you can check out here. More GPS Hawaii info here. Find Maui gay info here.