Can’t Make It To Hawaii? Check Out How This Guy Brought Hawaii to Him

Our intrepid correspondent, Paul Heney, chimes in with another fun post about how to bring exotic locales to you when your travel aspirations and your wallet don’t match up: My hometown of Cleveland gets hammered on our weather reputation. Our winters aren’t really any worse than Chicago’s or Boston’s, but somehow we’re always the ones mentioned asContinue reading “Can’t Make It To Hawaii? Check Out How This Guy Brought Hawaii to Him”

Dispatches: Gay Games Wraps-Up in Cleveland

Our correspondent Paul Heney sent us this photo from the ground in Cleveland from the Gay Games. The games wrapped last week but the memories of the event are still being felt throughout the city! Congrats to all the performers, athletes, and organizers of this historic event!  

Dispatches: GG9 Takes Over Cleveland

Our correspondent Paul Heney is back with another report from Cleveland on the Gay Games from this past weekend: GG9 is here! Saturday will go down as a true life highlight for me—along the lines of attending the 2013 inauguration of President Obama. As a participant in the Gay Games, I was able to marchContinue reading “Dispatches: GG9 Takes Over Cleveland”

Dispatches: The Gay Games Race To Cleveland

Our correspondent Paul Heney chimes in with a personal story about the Gay Games coming to Cleveland this weekend! We recently covered Cleveland earlier this year and are offering our Cleveland guide for free here. Here’s Paul on Cleveland and what the Gay Games coming to his hometown means to him (click “Read more”):