Where Are All The Gays? New Report Has Some Answers

“Gay America, rather than being confined to a few places, spreads across every major region of the country,” says a new Gallup report, published today in The New York Times. Nationwide, Gallup says, 3.6 percent of adults consider themselves gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. And even the parts of the country outside the 50 biggestContinue reading “Where Are All The Gays? New Report Has Some Answers”

NYTimes: 8 Trips Inspired By Oscar

If you’re rushing around this weekend trying to catch up on all of the Best Picture nominees and find yourself inspired by the exotic (and sometimes not so) cities portrayed on he silver screen, you’ll love this piece in The New York Times. Check out these 8 trips inspired by Oscar nominations, and subscribe to our magazineContinue reading “NYTimes: 8 Trips Inspired By Oscar”

15 Places To Go In ’15 From The Editor: Ed Salvato Interview

Steve Rodriguez from Progressive Pulse, a great resource for lifestyle articles, videos and more, caught up with our editor in chief Ed Salvato at the New York Times Travel Show and got his take on the 15 most fabulous destinations everyone should consider in 2015. See the interview here.  

Dine Around The World: Authentic Thai Comes to The Big Apple

A recent New York Times article about a new, authentic Thai restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens – Paet Rio–  seemed to both harken back to ManAboutWorld’s ‘Dine Around The World’ feature we published in our New York Takeover guide this past Spring, and look ahead to our upcoming Thailand guide. Our idea was to showcase theContinue reading “Dine Around The World: Authentic Thai Comes to The Big Apple”

Guess Who Included In New York Times Gay Travel Feature

I was quoted in the recent New York Times piece, “For Gay Destinations, Thinking Outside the Obvious.” ManAboutWorld was also included as a resource in the Times piece, “Finding Comfort and Safety as a Gay Traveler.” Here’s a section quoting me naming the Big Island as one of his favorite off-the-beaten track destinations: Popular with tourists, Honolulu, onContinue reading “Guess Who Included In New York Times Gay Travel Feature”

Meet and Seat: Could Grindr Be Far Behind?

Seated next to a talkative bore or a prying busybody on a long flight can be one of the most excruciating experiences for a traveler. Or perhaps you spy an incredibly good looking guy coming down the aisle, approaching your row, and … darn, he keeps  going. Now, you may have more control over yourContinue reading “Meet and Seat: Could Grindr Be Far Behind?”

Provincetown: Number 1 (In So Many Ways)

Provincetown, Massachusetts is located at the very end of the curly-cue tip of Cape Cod. It’s always been my favorite LGBT resort destination. And now the U.S. agrees (well, sort of). According the latest census, Provincetown ranks number one in terms of same-sex couples per 1,000 households. Check out the story in today’s New YorkContinue reading “Provincetown: Number 1 (In So Many Ways)”