Meet and Seat: Could Grindr Be Far Behind?

What kind of business are they going to conduct on board?

Seated next to a talkative bore or a prying busybody on a long flight can be one of the most excruciating experiences for a traveler. Or perhaps you spy an incredibly good looking guy coming down the aisle, approaching your row, and … darn, he keeps  going.

Now, you may have more control over your future airline seat mates. According to today’s New York Times:

This month, the Dutch carrier KLM began testing a program it calls Meet and Seat, allowing ticket-holders to upload details from their Facebook or LinkedIn profiles and use the data to choose seat mates.

This concept has people excited or dismayed but it’s easy to understand the appeal among business people or sales people or anyone looking to engage someone companionable around a topic of mutual interest.

You can’t use Grindr, yet but could it be far behind? Perhaps KLM’s system may be leveraged for more social encounters. (“Meat and Seat”?)  We’ll be on the look out for stories among guys or gals who meet at this new mile-high club.

Read the entire article by clicking here.

Published by edsalvato

Educator, marketing, communications and travel safety expert; LGBTQ Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show; public speaker; expert panel organizer and moderator

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