Dinah Does Vegas: Girl Bar’s Famous Party Moves to Sin City

From Dinah Shore Week 2011

Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend, in association with Fuse Events, announced that Dinah Shore Weekend 2012 will take place April 27-29, 2012 in Las Vegas. (The unrelated but similarly named The Dinah by ClubSkirts will still take place as it always has in Palm Springs, CA, March 28-April 1, 2012.)

Since last year, Girl Bar and Fuse Events have been working exclusively with Caesars Entertainment to create a women’s weekend experience at Caesars Entertainment properties. According to organizers, the official events and hotels for Dinah Shore Weekend will be situated walking distance, across a variety of Caesars-owned properties, including Planet Hollywood and Flamingo hotels. The latter will have its “Go Pool” turned over exclusively to the ladies for ticket and pass holders.

“Our sophisticated ladies wanted ‘bigger, better and more’ in a city that never sleeps with the finest in entertainment and accommodations, with non-stop flights both domestically and internationally,” said Girl Bar producers Sandy Sachs and Dr. Robin Gans. 

The full Dinah Shore Weekend 2012 schedule of events, performers, ticket and hotel information and VIP travel package options, visit www.dinahshoreweekend.com.

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One thought on “Dinah Does Vegas: Girl Bar’s Famous Party Moves to Sin City

  1. Hi Ed – Martin here – I spoke to you briefly on the D&R show tonight about our stay at a Chateau near Toulouse to study millinery in the hat capital of Europe – Caussade.

    Here’s the link to the Chateau – I can’t speak highly enough of the Chateau and its owners as well as the millinery tutor, Dillon Wallwork, who is Milliner to Queen Elizabeth. It’s the gayest non-gay vacation I have ever had and was the best 50th birthday gift imaginable from my husband! I would be happy to send you some pics of my husband and I in the beautiful hats we made there.

    Martin Phillips


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