“Strip and Dip” on the Las Vegas Strip

Our correspondent Jeff Guaracino relieved stress in Las Vegas. Discover his secret.  Did you ever fantasize about taking a trip and just being a spa harlot? I mean literally every day — maybe twice a day or more — having every part of your overworked, super stressed body made to feel as beautiful Cleopatra herself? EveryContinue reading ““Strip and Dip” on the Las Vegas Strip”

ManAboutWorld Talked Travel & Press Trips at CMI in Vegas

ManAboutWorld spoke at the the 15th Annual Conference of Tourism and Hospitality hosted by CMI at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Speaking on press trips, our Publisher, Billy Kolber, center, and Editor-in-Chief, Ed Salvato, left, (along with myself) discussed best practices to creating press trips, from abstract tips about themes and chemistry to considering the moreContinue reading “ManAboutWorld Talked Travel & Press Trips at CMI in Vegas”

Sin City Hosts These Hotties And More for Matinée Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend

Vegas will get just a tad hotter this Memorial Day weekend with the return ofMatinée Las Vegas Festival. Our friends at Matinée are asking fans to feel the revolution this Memorial Day – the party revolution, that is.  The festival that has become world famous for re-imagining the elaborate party experience with blazing pyrotechnics and production by CirqueContinue reading “Sin City Hosts These Hotties And More for Matinée Las Vegas Memorial Day Weekend”

Traveling Gay Dads: Sin-Free Las Vegas

¡Viva el Romance, Viva la familia, y Viva Las Vegas! “It’s good luck for sweethearts, lovers, or spouses to kiss under this bridge. Go ahead and Happy Anniversary!” our lovely, Greek gondolier at Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel encouraged. Sean and I were seated across from each other and we blushed, smiled and leaned across for aContinue reading “Traveling Gay Dads: Sin-Free Las Vegas”

Dinah Does Vegas: Girl Bar’s Famous Party Moves to Sin City

Girl Bar Dinah Shore Weekend, in association with Fuse Events, announced that Dinah Shore Weekend 2012 will take place April 27-29, 2012 in Las Vegas. (The unrelated but similarly named The Dinah by ClubSkirts will still take place as it always has in Palm Springs, CA, March 28-April 1, 2012.) Since last year, Girl Bar andContinue reading “Dinah Does Vegas: Girl Bar’s Famous Party Moves to Sin City”

Ask the Expert: Insider Information on New Years in Las Vegas

From one of our readers: I wish I could be asking for travel advice for some amazing international destination. With your help It will be amazing non-the-less. I’m planning on going to Vegas over New Years with my European long lost love, and we are trying to spark a relationship. It is both of our firstContinue reading “Ask the Expert: Insider Information on New Years in Las Vegas”

OutServe: Out, Proud and Going to Vegas

Ding dong, DADT is dead! (And good riddance.) The 4,000 members of OutServe, the association of actively-serving LGBT military personnel that launched on July 26, 2010, can now march out of the closet if they wish. Many of them will converge on Las Vegas for their first post-“Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” convention. The first annualContinue reading “OutServe: Out, Proud and Going to Vegas”

Shedonism Turns Sin City into Lez Vegas

  Shedonism, a five-day gay women’s event, is set to take place in Las Vegas September 15-19. This is a first-time event so you never know how it’ll turn out, but Alison Burgos is the organizer and she’s widely respected as talented party promoter. I’ve been to her lesbian White Party Miami which was fantastic.Continue reading “Shedonism Turns Sin City into Lez Vegas”

Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Flaunt the Gay in Vegas

Super gay-friendly (and sumptuously luxurious hotel resorts in Las Vegas), Wynn Las Vegas and Encore are changing the concept of the gay getaway with the introduction of Flaunt at Wynn Las Vegas April 21-24. This exclusive weekend event features some of the resorts’ hottest amenities, from the muscular performers of Le Rêve to the sizzlingContinue reading “Wynn Las Vegas and Encore Flaunt the Gay in Vegas”

Oh, My Kà: All the World in a Stage

Story by Dennis Hensley; Originally published in GPS.OutTraveler.com My big reason for going to Las Vegas earlier this month was to see Cher before she packed it in and skipped town (see my video blog here). But the big reason I’m glad I made the trip was the show I saw the next night, CirqueContinue reading “Oh, My Kà: All the World in a Stage”