Traveling Gay Dads: Sin-Free Las Vegas

These two dads are about to smooch!
These two dads are about to smooch!

¡Viva el Romance, Viva la familia, y Viva Las Vegas!

“It’s good luck for sweethearts, lovers, or spouses to kiss under this bridge. Go ahead and Happy Anniversary!” our lovely, Greek gondolier at Las Vegas’ Venetian Hotel encouraged. Sean and I were seated across from each other and we blushed, smiled and leaned across for a husband-husband smooch.  When we kissed, Carter and Ammon didn’t blink an eye, and the gondolier sighed. “How lovely, and what lovely children you two have!”

It was Labor Day week of 2012, and it was my 8th Wedding Anniversary Vacation.  Sean, Carter, Ammon, and I were all together, and it has been my favorite anniversary to date. In Las Vegas (just like any city), we lived, loved, and enjoyed ourselves as family.

Oh, he's not so scary.
Oh, he’s not so scary.

For hotel needs, I highly suggest Treasure Island where we stayed: great food, spa, fitness room (I’m lucky Sean, my husband, doesn’t like working out on vacations and takes care of Carter & Ammon while I work out), and entertainment.  Cirque du Soleill’s Mystere is there, and the hotel’s free “Sirens of TI” show was an exciting adventure for both Ammon and Carter. They begged to see it every evening.

Speaking of entertainment, my top family entertainment picks for Las Vegas are The Ultimate Variety Show, The Hard Rock Café, Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum, The Circus-Circus Adventure Dome, and Excalibur’s Tournament of Kings. Let me expand on two of these: Adventure Dome and Tournament of Kings.

Whether you stay at its hotel or not, all families need to experience Circus –Circus’ Adventure Dome. The indoor amusement park is perfect for children. Parents can even ride the rides. Nickelodeon has a 3-D theater with Dora and Sponge Bob interactive short films that do not appear on television.  In the Big Top outside the Adventure Dome, the four of us were lured into playing the carnival games (water balloon blam-o, knocking over milk bottles, racing the figures by sinking cue balls, darts, etc). Ammon even found herself in a live show with a juggler! Circus-Circus is fun for everyone.

To this day, if you ask Carter and Ammon what was their most memorable part of Las Vegas, and they will say, Excalibur’s Tournament of Kings. The live jousting, sword -fights, and the Dragon Knight (the Knight our section cheered for) are seared into our children’s memories. The cool part was how the evil Dragon Knight was the first actor out into the arena after the show to chat with the audience. Carter and Ammon sat with him and learned that he was simply a cool, kind actor and not a “bad guy” after all!

Do you all have any suggestions for family activities in Las Vegas? If so, let MAW know, and share, share, share!

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