Ask the Expert: Insider Information on New Years in Las Vegas

From one of our readers: I wish I could be asking for travel advice for some amazing international destination. With your help It will be amazing non-the-less. I’m planning on going to Vegas over New Years with my European long lost love, and we are trying to spark a relationship. It is both of our firstContinue reading “Ask the Expert: Insider Information on New Years in Las Vegas”

Ed Salvato on Sirius Radio Tuesday, May 17

From our friends at Sirius OutQ: Ed Salvato is scheduled for a live in-studio interview with Derek and Romaine of Sirius XM Satellite Radio Tuesday May 17th at 7PM.  The interview will last about 15-20 minutes.  This will broadcast live on Sirius XM OutQ 108.  Listeners and fans are welcome to participate by calling 866-305-6887. Continue reading “Ed Salvato on Sirius Radio Tuesday, May 17”

Massachusetts’ Official Same-sex Wedding Planner

The Massachusetts Office of Travel + Tourism, announced the launch of a new microsite designed to serve as a resource directory for same-sex couples getting married in the Commonwealth, The new site provides a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about planning your same-sex nuptials in Massachusetts. “Massachusetts still leads the countryContinue reading “Massachusetts’ Official Same-sex Wedding Planner”

The Hot 5: Jumeirah Essex House’s Manhattan

Patrick Sewell, Guest Relations Manager at Jumeirah Essex House, handles the most exacting guests and VIP requests with calm aplomb at this storied Manhattan hotel on Central Park. With a charming Caribbean lilt, Jamaica-born Sewell shared some of his favorite NYC recommendations: 1. Gastronomic Adventure — Of course, I love South Gate right here inContinue reading “The Hot 5: Jumeirah Essex House’s Manhattan”

Ask the Expert: South Beach Hotels

lly published in Question: Where should I stay in Miami or South Beach? I’m not paying more than $400 a night. I’ll also be visiting someone in Coral Gables, so staying there is OK, too. I have no special criteria. I’m not much of a ‘scene person.– Bob via e-mail Our answer follows. ForContinue reading “Ask the Expert: South Beach Hotels”

Travel the World in One Stop

Originally published in If you are in the Philadelphia, New York or tri-state area and are just hankering to get away, come to Philadelphia for the Philadelphia Inquirer Travel Show this weekend: Saturday January 22 and Sunday January 23. Travel shows are a great idea to get inspired find information about hotels, cruises, destinationsContinue reading “Travel the World in One Stop”

Deal of the Week: RSVP’s Mediterranean Cruise

Originally published in RSVP is heading back to Europe next summer for the first time in four years on the new state-of-the-art ms Nieuw Amsterdam by Holland America. There are only 2,000 passengers on this ship. While it seems funny to say “only 2,000” since that would have been an unheard of number evenContinue reading “Deal of the Week: RSVP’s Mediterranean Cruise”

Ask the Expert: Tahiti and Bora Bora

I heard you on XM98 OutQ and was excited to hear someone who was in the know about all things travel. My partner and I are planning a trip to Bora Bora. We would like to go in either July or August of next Year. First thing I would like to ask is what monthContinue reading “Ask the Expert: Tahiti and Bora Bora”

Ask the Expert: and Spirit Air

Do you know anything about and Spirit Airlines? Their deals sound too good to be true. — Stanton, via e-mail I’ve done some research and seems to be a good site with lots of information in addition to a booking engine. I’d give it a try and compare it to some of theContinue reading “Ask the Expert: and Spirit Air”