Get Gay Married and Get Gay Traveling with ManAboutWorld

What a week! After a favorable ruling by the Supreme Court allowing gay marriage and a weekend of coast-to-coast Gay Pride celebrations, the LGBT community now pivots to other important battles. But first let’s take a moment, enjoy the victory and do something we’ve always done: travel! ManAboutWorld with 10 issues per year provides travelContinue reading “Get Gay Married and Get Gay Traveling with ManAboutWorld”

That Vacation To Ireland You’ve Been Dreaming About? Time To Go!

Along with marriage equality in Ireland, the country just hung out a giant rainbow-colored “you are welcome” sign to the world. Within a few hours of the historic vote, Tourism Ireland released this video inviting the gay world to visit Ireland. LGBT-friendly Ireland is ready for you to come visit, join the celebration and, who knows, maybeContinue reading “That Vacation To Ireland You’ve Been Dreaming About? Time To Go!”

Taipei & Vietnam: Two Gay Steps Forward, One Gay Step Back

How quickly things change. We listed Taipei as one of the 15 Gay Places to go in 2015 because it’s the new gay capital of Asia. We’ve come to know city as an Asian leader of tolerance, of progressive thought and freedom, so the recent police harassment experienced by attendees of gay New Years parties has leftContinue reading “Taipei & Vietnam: Two Gay Steps Forward, One Gay Step Back”

Beauty Shot From New Capital of Gay Marriage

Photo and story by ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent, Michael Siebert With all the hoopla about France’s vote to become the 14th nation allowing same-sex marriage. Let’s not forget about the 13th. On April 17, 2013 New Zealand lawmakers pass a bill in favor of gay marriage with a wide majority, with 77 votes in favor and 44Continue reading “Beauty Shot From New Capital of Gay Marriage”

Travel Weekly Roundup by TravelingIQ

  Global Correspondent Ivan Quintanillais an actor, traveler and blogger extraordinaire. Once a week he provides a re-cap of noteworthy travel stories. We pilfer his round-up (with his permission) so you don’t have to. Follow his travels at TravelingIQ. *It was a good political week for gay destination weddings.  In the United States, voters made historyContinue reading “Travel Weekly Roundup by TravelingIQ”

Yes, You Can(cun)! Gay Marriage Allowed in Popular Mexican Resort

Gay marriage is popping up all over Mexico. First marriage for same-sex couples was legalized in Mexico City in March 2010 with those unions recognized throughout the country. Next came the announcement that “thanks to a legal gap in the Civil Code,” marriage equality would be extended to lesbian and gay couples in Cancun (andContinue reading “Yes, You Can(cun)! Gay Marriage Allowed in Popular Mexican Resort”

Massachusetts’ Official Same-sex Wedding Planner

The Massachusetts Office of Travel + Tourism, announced the launch of a new microsite designed to serve as a resource directory for same-sex couples getting married in the Commonwealth, The new site provides a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know about planning your same-sex nuptials in Massachusetts. “Massachusetts still leads the countryContinue reading “Massachusetts’ Official Same-sex Wedding Planner”

Witness to history

I was in Buenos Aires last week for a gay travel conference during with the president of Argentina signed into law Argentina’s same-sex marriage bill. This is the first country in Latin America to provide equal marriage rights to same-sex partners. I will be posting an article about Buenos Aires soon — there were soContinue reading “Witness to history”