That Vacation To Ireland You’ve Been Dreaming About? Time To Go!

Along with marriage equality in Ireland, the country just hung out a giant rainbow-colored “you are welcome” sign to the world. Within a few hours of the historic vote, Tourism Ireland released this video inviting the gay world to visit Ireland. LGBT-friendly Ireland is ready for you to come visit, join the celebration and, who knows, maybeContinue reading “That Vacation To Ireland You’ve Been Dreaming About? Time To Go!”

Yes means yes: Ireland Votes For Marriage Equality

Congratulations, Ireland. Way to lead the world. This is the first time gays have been granted marriage equality through national referendum. (They like us, they really like us.) It feels like it marks a significant milestone in the journey to equality for LGBT people. Read more in today’s New York Times. Now, let’s start planningContinue reading “Yes means yes: Ireland Votes For Marriage Equality”

Gay Marriage Became Legal Today in Florida

Congratulations, Florida! On Jan. 6, the Sunshine State became the 36th stateto legalize gay marriage. And so we immediately started thinking of places you could spend your honeymoon. The above photo of Little Palm Island, just off the coast of Key West, isn’t too shabby of a choice. But whether you celebrate at the St.Continue reading “Gay Marriage Became Legal Today in Florida”

Same-Sex Weddings Bring Same-Sex Honeymoons

By Jeff Guaracino, ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent With 13 states in the U.S. (as well as the District of Columbia) now with legalized same-sex marriage, there are more and more choices for same-sex couples to choose from for destination weddings and honeymoons. In the first year since same-sex weddings became legal in New York, NYC & CoContinue reading “Same-Sex Weddings Bring Same-Sex Honeymoons”

Travel Weekly Roundup by TravelingIQ

  Global Correspondent Ivan Quintanillais an actor, traveler and blogger extraordinaire. Once a week he provides a re-cap of noteworthy travel stories. We pilfer his round-up (with his permission) so you don’t have to. Follow his travels at TravelingIQ. *It was a good political week for gay destination weddings.  In the United States, voters made historyContinue reading “Travel Weekly Roundup by TravelingIQ”