Victory! Supreme Courts Creates U.S. Same-sex Marriage Rights

U.S. Same-sex marriage rights asserted: ManAboutWorld applauds today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court to extend full marriage rights to same-sex couples in the United States, regardless of the state in which they reside. And we hope (and anticipate) this will stimulate all sorts of gay travel for the purposes of same-sex marriages, celebrations andContinue reading “Victory! Supreme Courts Creates U.S. Same-sex Marriage Rights”

Sting Like A Bee: New Gay Rights Exhibit To Open At National Constitution Center, Philadelphia

The National Constitution Center in partnership with the William Way LGBT Community Center announced the opening of “Speaking Out for Equality: The Constitution, Gay Rights, and the Supreme Court“: which chronicles the gay rights movement and the ongoing debate over how much the Constitution protects gay rights on June 5. The organizers encourage visitors to hear theContinue reading “Sting Like A Bee: New Gay Rights Exhibit To Open At National Constitution Center, Philadelphia”

Yes means yes: Ireland Votes For Marriage Equality

Congratulations, Ireland. Way to lead the world. This is the first time gays have been granted marriage equality through national referendum. (They like us, they really like us.) It feels like it marks a significant milestone in the journey to equality for LGBT people. Read more in today’s New York Times. Now, let’s start planningContinue reading “Yes means yes: Ireland Votes For Marriage Equality”

New York Honeymoons: The Power of the Gay Dollar

Terrific article in the NY Times today about the steady procession of same-sex couples to get married in New York hints at the ability of marriage equality to boost a state’s bottom line. But gay marriage festivities continued in some parts of the state on Monday. In Niagara Falls, where a lesbian couple married atContinue reading “New York Honeymoons: The Power of the Gay Dollar”

Vermont Wants Gay New York Honeymooners

Sure, same-sex marriage will be the law of New York state within a month but Vermont Department of Tourism & Marketing wants newly nuptialled New Yorkers to head there after the knot is tied. Read the recent article. Even their governor is intent on keeping this business. (Note: I am quoted in this piece.) Stay atContinue reading “Vermont Wants Gay New York Honeymooners”