Brendan Vacations + Ireland = Perfect Honeymoon Vacation

Celebrate your love in Ireland with Brendan Vacations, as featured in ManAboutWorld’s guide to Weddings, Honeymoons and Celebration Travel. [Download it for free.] Ireland is a magical place with hospitable, engaging people. It’s the only country on the planet that granted marriage equality by a referendum (a year ago this month) — overwhelmingly exclaiming that LGBTContinue reading “Brendan Vacations + Ireland = Perfect Honeymoon Vacation”

That Vacation To Ireland You’ve Been Dreaming About? Time To Go!

Along with marriage equality in Ireland, the country just hung out a giant rainbow-colored “you are welcome” sign to the world. Within a few hours of the historic vote, Tourism Ireland released this video inviting the gay world to visit Ireland. LGBT-friendly Ireland is ready for you to come visit, join the celebration and, who knows, maybeContinue reading “That Vacation To Ireland You’ve Been Dreaming About? Time To Go!”

Yes means yes: Ireland Votes For Marriage Equality

Congratulations, Ireland. Way to lead the world. This is the first time gays have been granted marriage equality through national referendum. (They like us, they really like us.) It feels like it marks a significant milestone in the journey to equality for LGBT people. Read more in today’s New York Times. Now, let’s start planningContinue reading “Yes means yes: Ireland Votes For Marriage Equality”