Is Your Airline Screwing You at Both Ends? 

Back in April 2013, we covered the remarkable mileage devaluation that is happening as the legacy airlines dramatically increase the number of points/miles required to redeem your miles. But now, most travelers are also getting screwed on the other end, with rapidly decreasing mileage earning for discounted tickets. Airlines across the globe, from Delta to Qantas have announced fare-based accrualContinue reading “Is Your Airline Screwing You at Both Ends? “


Best way to get to Provincetown, Massachusetts, especially if you are short on time, is via JetBlue and Cape Air. The two airlines have a marketing partnership which allows for seamless travel between any cities JetBlue serves and this famous and fabulous gay summer resort destination at the curly-cue tip of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod. “The Boston to ProvincetownContinue reading “JETBLUE PLUS CAPE AIR EQUALS EASY ARRIVAL IN PTOWN”

Ask the Expert: and Spirit Air

Do you know anything about and Spirit Airlines? Their deals sound too good to be true. — Stanton, via e-mail I’ve done some research and seems to be a good site with lots of information in addition to a booking engine. I’d give it a try and compare it to some of theContinue reading “Ask the Expert: and Spirit Air”