Best way to get to Provincetown, Massachusetts, especially if you are short on time, is via JetBlue and Cape Air.

The two airlines have a marketing partnership which allows for seamless travel between any cities JetBlue serves and this famous and fabulous gay summer resort destination at the curly-cue tip of Massachusetts’ Cape Cod.

“The Boston to Provincetown portion is usually 26 minutes and drops you minutes from Herring Cove Beach,” says Cape Air’s Michelle Haynes. “There is also a handy shuttle stop at the airport and for the grand total of $2 you can get a ride directly to Herring Cove or to downtown P’town. Leave the car at home! ”

I recently experienced the service flying from New York (JFK) to Boston with an easy switch — it’s only a few gates away in the same terminal — to Cape Air and onto Provincetown. Each flight is well less than an hour so depending on close you cut it arriving at the airport, it is usually the quickest way to the Cape.The return trip is even better.
The tiny Ptown airport only has one flight at a time so you can arrive 30 or even 15 minutes prior to your flight.Tip, if you are checking luggage: You must purchase your entire ticket on JetBlue to be able to check your bags all the way through to Provincetown. Otherwise you may have to exit the airport in Boston to collect and re-check your bag. That’s not fun!
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