Go Now✈ Go Later✈: Don’t miss these gay getaways 🌈🍸

Some gays plan their gay getaways far in advance. Some plan last minute. Some go both ways. We’re those gays. But no matter which you are, we’ve got awesome recommendations for gay getaways to go to now. Next year. Or both! Gay Getaways: GO NOW! 8 Days of Paradise with Atlantis – August 25 Atlantis Events takesContinue reading “Go Now✈ Go Later✈: Don’t miss these gay getaways 🌈🍸”

Five Awesome Upcoming Gay Tours

What’s that you say? You have a little vacation time and money to burn up? Well, aren’t you lucky to have fallen upon this blog post! Here are a five awesome upcoming gay tours with some of our favorite gay tour operators. Sure, with the last month of summer upon us, you’re planning a last trip toContinue reading “Five Awesome Upcoming Gay Tours”

NYTimes: On A Gay Cruise, Just One of the Guys

The New York Times takes an interesting look inside gay cruises and comes away saying “…The sense of freedom was powerful: You could be old or young, slim or heavy, and could have a loud, drunken cruise, a quiet romantic one, or even a naughty one. The many people I met who had taken multipleContinue reading “NYTimes: On A Gay Cruise, Just One of the Guys”

In the March issue: Cruising, Dallas, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale + Davey Wavey’s West Hollywood

Ask a gay friend who’s never been on a cruise if he’d like to go on one, and he’ll probably decline. “I wouldn’t be caught dead on a cruise!” Then ask a friend who’s been on one and he’ll likely say it was the best vacation he’s ever had. In our experience, it’s pretty muchContinue reading “In the March issue: Cruising, Dallas, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale + Davey Wavey’s West Hollywood”

15 Places To Travel in 2015: Alaska … Because RSVP Returns in 2015 with its 30th Anniversary Alaska cruise

For a traveler, Alaska can seem as unmanageable as it is beautiful. It’s a vast, sprawling, and utterly massive state; at more than 660,000 square miles, it’s bigger than Texas, California, and Montana combined. It has 15 national parks, a pretty but small capital city in Juneau, and some of the most wondrous vistas inContinue reading “15 Places To Travel in 2015: Alaska … Because RSVP Returns in 2015 with its 30th Anniversary Alaska cruise”

Kevin Mossier Paved Our Waves With RSVP Vacations

The latest gay travel column from Global Correspondent Jeff Guaracino notes the 30th aanniversaryof gay and lesbian cruises with RSVP Vacations. GLBT travel is not just about creating a value for our community but it also how we can impact the world through our travels. In 2015, RSVP Vacations marks 30 years of gay and lesbian cruises withContinue reading “Kevin Mossier Paved Our Waves With RSVP Vacations”

New Leadership Brings Energy (And Lower Prices) to RSVP Cruises

By Jeff Guaracino, ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Since 1985, over 100,000 guests have discovered RSVP Vacations. Now owned by Atlantis Events—among the best brand names in gay vacations—RSVP Vacations has a new president Randel Roper. Formerly of Starwood Hotels, Randel brings a new energy to RSVP. RSVP is drawing a diverse group of passengers aboard their trips.Continue reading “New Leadership Brings Energy (And Lower Prices) to RSVP Cruises”

Cruising With Ed: Join Our Editor In Chief On A Fabulous Cruise

Sail aboard the luxurious MSY Wind Surf, a gorgeous five-masted sailing yacht chartered by Source Events for an all-gay cruise. It sets sail September 15, 2013 from Lisbon, one of the most charming and under-rated gems of Europe and completes it’s 8-night sailing in Spain’s gay-friendliest city, Barcelona on Monday, September 23. More info. about theContinue reading “Cruising With Ed: Join Our Editor In Chief On A Fabulous Cruise”

Top 5 Reasons To Cruise Europe

By Billy Kolber. Originally published in HuffPost Gay Voices There’s never been a better summer and fall to cruise in Europe. There are still five all-gay (big- and small-gay) cruises to choose from this summer, offering a remarkable breadth of styles, ports and experiences. Every one of these cruises is reason enough to go, but IfContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons To Cruise Europe”

Provincetown: Summer’s Must-Do Events

This just in highlights from the Provincetown Business Guild 2013 Calendar. For great trip-planning information, check out our Provincetown Long Weekend article in our September issue. (Download the magazine here.) June 26-30: Provincetown International Film Festival. The 15th annual Provincetown International Film Festival is dedicated to showing new achievements in independent film and honoring the work of acclaimedContinue reading “Provincetown: Summer’s Must-Do Events”