In the March issue: Cruising, Dallas, San Francisco, Ft. Lauderdale + Davey Wavey’s West Hollywood


Ask a gay friend who’s never been on a cruise if he’d like to go on one, and he’ll probably decline.
I wouldn’t be caught dead on a cruise!

Then ask a friend who’s been on one and he’ll likely say it was the best vacation he’s ever had. In our experience, it’s pretty much blogbinary: The uninitiated would never go on a cruise, but once they do, they’re ready to book their next one by the third day. How could so many otherwise perceptive, bright and imaginative people be so wrong, and what on earth could produce this 180-degree turnaround?

In our current issue, (available now on iPad and Android tablet with our $1 trial subscription) we eradicate the myths of gay cruising and explore the adventure, romance, and life-changing friendships you’ll experience. We stocked the issue full of information, exhaustive research (including our survey of gay-friendliness among the cruise lines), inspiring tales, and answered all of your questions so you’ll be ready to cruise this summer.

In our Tales of the Sea section, our savvy global correspondents relay their first cruise experiences, with anecdotes of stowe aways, romance, and novice expectations: “This being my first gay cruise, I think I was ready for there to be zero focus on food, bland ship decor and a bunch of twinks in white underpants and sailor hats. No such thing!”

You’ll also find our survey of gay-friendliness among the cruise lines; inspiring stories; tips for a successful cruise; and expert answers to a first-timer’s questions

Also in the issue:

  • A shirtless Davey Wavey tells where he brunches, suns, and hangs out in his West Hollywood guide of hidden gems.
  • A insider’s guide to the perfect weekend getaway in Fort Lauderdale!
  • San Francisco’s Bay-to-Breakers extravaganza! Sure, it’s the shit show to end all shit shows, and wherever you go, you’ll run into costumed hordes, drunken masses, and the lingering smell of weed. Nowhere is safe. And that’s the point of Bay-to-Breakers, San Francisco’s 103-year-old foot race and craziest street party of the year.
  • The Dallas Gay Rodeo kicks off on May 1, 2015! We’re not really sure why the word ‘rodeo’ is just assumed to be a straight mans sport. Think about it: a sexy guy in skin tight jeans hanging on for dear life while a wild, bucking horse or bull tosses him around like a rag doll sounds like a typical Saturday night in West Hollywood to us.

Everything you didn’t know about cruising, and lots more travel information and inspiration (like the getaways below) in the current issue of ManAboutWorld Magazine. Click here for a $1 Trial Subscription! Download it from our App in iTunes or Google Play.


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Educator, marketing, communications and travel safety expert; LGBTQ Pavilion at the New York Times Travel Show; public speaker; expert panel organizer and moderator

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