The Next Must-Visit Gay Getaway: The Balkans

We think the Balkans are the next big-time gay getaway! Have you seen an uptick in posts from insider-y gay travel friends in Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the other small countries in the Balkan Peninsula. (See the map below.) While you’re planning your own trip, follow along with updates from some of our correspondents traveling there now. *Our very own Steve Roth isContinue reading “The Next Must-Visit Gay Getaway: The Balkans”

Five Awesome Upcoming Gay Tours

What’s that you say? You have a little vacation time and money to burn up? Well, aren’t you lucky to have fallen upon this blog post! Here are a five awesome upcoming gay tours with some of our favorite gay tour operators. Sure, with the last month of summer upon us, you’re planning a last trip toContinue reading “Five Awesome Upcoming Gay Tours”

Parting Shots: Zoom Around The World With Bryan Herb

Bryan Herb is a co-founder and co-owner of Zoom Vacations, a tour company founded to meet the evolving social, emotional, physical and spiritual needs of the gay and lesbian leisure traveler, as well as their families and friends. We asked him to provide photos for the Parting Shots section of this month’s issue of the magazine. HereContinue reading “Parting Shots: Zoom Around The World With Bryan Herb”


One of the things that makes Peru such a fantastic destination is that it constantly surprises people. (Above happy “Zoomers” in Peru.) Zoom Vacations has for years been the main organizer of gay group tours to Peru. Last November, as in past years, Zoom Vacations started its trip in Lima, and especially after visiting its colonial center,Continue reading “TOUR OF THE WEEK: PERU WITH ZOOM VACATIONS”

Tour of the Week: India with Zoom Vacations

India is a feast for the eyes, ears, nose, hands, and feet! If you’re at all nervous about visiting independently, consider joining a gay toru group. Zoom Vacations offers a tour to India with stops in Mumbai, Varanasi, Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, and Udaipur. Date/length/cost: September 17-28, 2011 12 days from $7599 This trip to IndiaContinue reading “Tour of the Week: India with Zoom Vacations”

Tour of the Week: New Years in Rio with Zoom Vacations

Originally published in New Years in Rio de Janeiro has been firmly established as a popular gay high holiday. Every year, thousands of gays and lesbians from the U.S. (and many other countries) flock here to ring in the new year. Rio is exotic, beautiful, and charming. And the locals, known as Cariocas, areContinue reading “Tour of the Week: New Years in Rio with Zoom Vacations”