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One of the things that makes Peru such a fantastic destination is that it constantly surprises people. (Above happy “Zoomers” in Peru.)

Zoom Vacations has for years been the main organizer of gay group tours to Peru. Last November, as in past years, Zoom Vacations started its trip in Lima, and especially after visiting its colonial center, Zoom Vacations’ owner, Joel Cabrera said that guests kept commenting that they couldn’t believe how beautiful Lima was.

“Then they had dinner alongside a 2000 year old pre Inca ruin, and people exclaimed, “the food in Peru is so good!”  Add to that a private dinner in a stunning 16th century mansion and they instantly created over 30 Lima cheerleaders.Zoom Vacations’ owner, Bryan Herb said, “As our tour leaves Lima and continues to the Sacred Valley of the Incas, Machu Picchu, and finally Cusco, it is so fun to watch the effect that Peru and its people has on our travelers. Fun surprises await them at every turn. Hotels are more beautiful, the landscape is more stunning, and then of course there is the shopping!”

But above all, the thing that one can always count on when they come to Peru is that Machu Picchu will be as incredible as they thought and hoped it would be. Mystical Machu Picchu, no matter rain or shine simply does not disappoint.

It is truly the trip of a lifetime that could quite possibly change your life!


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