The Next Must-Visit Gay Getaway: The Balkans

We think the Balkans are the next big-time gay getaway! Have you seen an uptick in posts from insider-y gay travel friends in Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and the other small countries in the Balkan Peninsula. (See the map below.) While you’re planning your own trip, follow along with updates from some of our correspondents traveling there now. *Our very own Steve Roth isContinue reading “The Next Must-Visit Gay Getaway: The Balkans”

ManAboutWorld Welcomes Newest Correspondent: DJ Yabis

Welcome to our newest Global Correspondent, DJ Yabis! DJ Yabis is the poster boy of Dream Euro Trip, a European travel blog focused on the art of eurotripping. He’s a perpetual scholar, pseudo-diplomat, certified diver, bona fide gourmand, music festival freak, mystery shopper and a total nerd rolled into one. DJ graduated as one of theContinue reading “ManAboutWorld Welcomes Newest Correspondent: DJ Yabis”